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The rebirth of EDA.
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 Duel Challenges

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PostSubject: Duel Challenges   Sat Jul 26, 2014 10:42 pm

Want to test your skill against a ridicoulsy hard deck just for fun? Well a challenge duel is what you should try out. I will build a deck and we will duel with a specific stipulation implied. Both me and the challenger have to always play with a tcg format deck except the challenge says otherwise. These are open to everyone not just those of the twilight dorm. I have 3 challenges at the moment.

Full Force
-I make a deck and get to use stuff of its format and the current format. The challenger can chose if he wants to have the rules of that format to be applied. (6 cards for the first hand, Sangan gets eff when detached, etc)
-Full Force Dragon ruler
-Full Force Prophecy
-Full Force Goat Control

The Great Muka Muka challenge!
I Have 2 cards banished during the duel. Those 2 cards are applied as if they were on the field. and the 2 cards are Appropriate and Infinite Cards. Only I get the effect of infinite cards.

The Challenge Challenge!
Make up your own challenge to challenge my challenges XD. I will only do this challenge if I find the stipulations fair. (Defeating the Challenge challenge will result in the prize earnings of 2 decks from my deck shop and bragging right only.)

What you get for winning
-1 free deck from my deck shop
-The bragging rights of being able to defeat said challenge.
-I will call you by a title when speaking of or to you from now on. (EX: The Great   "Gagethompson" Champion of The Great Muka Muka Challenge! Or King Gagethompson Slayer of the Full force Dragon Ruller Challenge) I will only call you by 1 title at a time if the occasion one beats 2 challenges.

Ways to ungreat ones way to win the challenge! D:<
to duel with a deck to counter it
If you become one of the ungreat ones the only prize you will recieve is being able to say I deafeted "Insert beat challenge her" but didn't have faith in my own deck.

Banned decks
Anti-Meta ( you can have anti-metish cards but if a lot of cards in your deck is about stopping my deck's plays you will be considered an ungreat one)

So come on down and visit the twilight dorm or are the ones in the Chaos dorm afraid of a twilight XD Admins are welcome as well!
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Duel Challenges
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