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The rebirth of EDA.
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 Yugioh wars: chapter 3 section 1

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PostSubject: Yugioh wars: chapter 3 section 1   Sun Oct 12, 2014 10:55 pm

Intro song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sHGai30pxE

While the 9 trainees were being transported to the training facility the soldier in the passenger seat started talking on a small mic. He said “Alright we will be arriving at training base Hindu shortly. This secure facility is deep in our territory and if you do well you will stay here for at least nine months. The war over here is currently a stalemate with no side is gaining any ground. It was like this for three years straight after we made our big push. We did not have the privilege of having genius soldiers fighting for us at the time, until now that is. . . As of right now you would be the 7th garrison that is getting trained at this base. Don’t worry on what is happening on the front unless you actually have to. Yes this may be risky but it's the only way for us to save time and frankly we need all the extra time we can get. I know you guys aren’t from our world and this war is different from the others of course. The only difference in training that you will have is dueling. If anyone forgot to bring a deck please tells us now and if you have any questions ask.

Zack asked "Will we be tested before we go to out onto the field and if so how much does dueling really matter?” then the soldier said “it will take up 1/3rd of your scheduled training here and yes you will be tested. The 2nd part is dealing with physical fitness to see if you can physically perform well on the field during a wide variety of combat scenarios and the 3rd part is combat, or how well you can do in a fight. If you do not pass in all 3 of them then you will not pass the test.”
Jeromy asks “Why is it called Hindu?” then the soldier replied “heck if we know, we just got over here a week ago. A couple of the staff here are guessing that this base was some sort of Hindu monastery .” Then Ben asked "What's the death toll if there is one in the base?” then the soldier replied “Thirty deaths but that was because they did some stupid shit. As long as you don’t do anything stupid at all you won't have to worry about anything except your training." Then Nathen asked "Are there going to be any high ranking genius personnel over there?” Then the solider replied “yes and the base is run by a genius soldier due to his request.” Jt opened his mouth to ask “Has anyone tried to kill anyone else on the base?” then the soldier responded with “some wanted to fight but other than that no crippling injuries or fatalities. anymore questions? Good. Did you make sure you didn't leave anything behind.” Then Jt looked around a bit then he replied “no and no.” Then he said “alright we will be arriving in two minutes after I am done talking. All you have to do is write up some papers, get settled in your bunk and then report in at 1400 hours. Get used to military time. Also just a hint for you rookies. You will have to say sir at the beginning of your sentence when you talk to a higher ranking officer, believe me they will ride your ass on that one if you don't."

After the 2 minutes they had arrived and they could tell when the vehicle stopped. Six seconds after the vehicle stopped THE DOOR OPENED  up and they heard the C.O scream at the top of his lungs “get your stuff and move it ladies! Go straight through the door behind me and follow the red line on the floor now!” The nine trainees got their stuff and got off the vehicle with Chase leading the way, Chase opened the door and the other kept it opened for themselves. After that they walked down and followed the red line to a desk that the red line went passed. The guy that was at the desk said “sign this paper and continue following the red line.” They each signed the paper one by one. After Chase did that the guy at the desk said “welcome Chase Dranion.” When Jeromy was done “Welcome Jeromy Javenson.” Then after Tony did his “Welcome Tony Tanger.” Then Ben went and did his then the guy at the desk also said “welcome Ben Drewisonburgh.” After Zack the guy said “welcome Zack Souliten.” After Jt went he said “welcome Jt Rightson.” Then after Nathen the guy said “Welcome Nathen Drewisonburgh. Brothers with Ben right?” Then Nathen said “yes.” Then he went following the red line. Then after Josh was done the guy said “Welcome Josh Goodwing.” Then Giovanni came and signed. After he was done the guy said “Welcome to the meat grinder Giovanni Mashion.” Then Giovanni grunted in affirmative and started to follow the red line. He felt nervous until he caught up with Josh because they were getting scanned and padded down, also their belongings were getting check. He was less nervous. Then josh thought he heard something so he turned his head and said “hi.” Then they went to go get checked in. Then after that they followed it until they saw it separate into five different lines while walking, they followed it and the red lines led to give different doors. One door opened up and they saw their friends sitting down on a red bench passed the door. Jt said “Come inside this pod we only got 3 spots left.”

They went inside THE POD  and found a room to sit with other people who were at Hindu base. Then after that the door closed and a person knocked on the door. He ask “Is this transport pod full?” then Jt opened the door and he ask “what?” then he asked again “Is this pod full?” then he said “ we got one spot left.” The man thanked Jt and went inside. He sat down across form Giovanni while Jeromy was counting how many people were in the pod. He counted 20 people including the one that just came in. then the pod did a scan and the A.I said “Scan complete. Maximum amount of people on board. Please look at the screen while we travel to learn oath placement before living. Departing from genius training base in ten seconds. Transportation pod 02 Hindu too Hindu training base alpha. We are headed there now E.T.A two minutes.”

Then after the 10 seconds were up the computer voice said “Now departing.” The POD MOVED  and they felt it. What they had to do for the oath appeared on the screens inside the pods and everyone paid attention to the screen as it showed their placement. After it did that it showed the oath everyone else look away. Except the nine Soldiers in training. They read the oath and quickly memorized it. After they did that there was still one minute, ten seconds left on the countdown clock. When Giovanni turned his head away from the screen the person that just got on board looked at him and said “Hi.” Then Giovanni looked at him and responded back“hi.” Then the other person said “I am Edward Nygma. I came from the colony of the planet Zeal. Your from that other earth right?” then Giovanni replied “Yes why do you ask?” then a women near him said “Hi I’m a friend of Edward. I am Saddie. Are there powerful duelist in that world?” then Giovanni said “You could say that.” Then Saddie replied in a happy voice “That's awesome. Are you going to try and become a genius solider?” Then Edward sight and said “Yes he is, so are all of us here. If he wasn’t he would still be going to Hindu base, just not on this shuttle pod.” Then Saddie face-palmed and said “Dang It, I forgot that again. Oh well.” Then the pod slowed down when it went to a reroute section where stopped then turned 180 degrees. Then it slowly went back again until it stops again. Then the A.I said “we have now reached the main base. Please exit the pod and head straight to the facility's training hall.” Then Saddie said “Well after we recite the oath it will be time to embark on our training.”
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Yugioh wars: chapter 3 section 1
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