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The rebirth of EDA.
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 Quick Combo

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CE Dragon
CE Dragon

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PostSubject: Quick Combo   Fri Oct 17, 2014 9:18 pm

Hey guys, just wanted to show you what i think is possibly the most broken combo if achieved.

SO i was play Heroics and made a number 86 but it got stalled out and then mirror forced and it was looking like i was going to lose, but then i drew soul charge :O.

I used soul charge and got back 4 monsters so i had 5 on field but he was playing that new deck, spirit tamers/beast and used combination on my and destroyed 2 of my monsters.

With 3 i then proceeded to make number 101 with 2 of my monsters and then used a rank up magic to make number C101. I stole one of his monsters so i had 4 materials.

This is the good part, i used my effect from extra deck to make CXYZ barian so i had 5 materials and then used his eff to copy my number 86 effs.

I then completely wiped his field.
The reason why I say this combo between Barian and number 86 eff is that, ITS UNLIMITED. He can get all of the effects of 86 with 5 materials until the endphase of ur opponents turn and then can CHOOSE to end his eff before resolving the detach effect of number 86.

Hence its like a unlimited number 86 with 5 materials 0.0.

Have fun with this knowledge kiddies
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Quick Combo
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