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The rebirth of EDA.
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 the reason for the duelist army.

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PostSubject: the reason for the duelist army.   Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:15 pm

Here the explanation for the duelist army and sorry for the misspelling

the union wanted to use it own duelist army against the dark hand army. They wanted pros to  be the leaders and they made some conditions then the duelist alliance has been made. They get disband if they win the war and they get soldiers, pilots and vehicles of all kind. Union soldies and such joined the alliance so it a mix of non military duelist and union soldiers. There are generals and arrivals form the alliance that are with the union. The union is kind of begin greedy becuase any bad policatiy they would the alliance would get and they would be held responsible for any economic damage and the lost of union troops. This is just a way for them to dodge thesee problems of course they still hope and wish that they will win.  Of course they pro duelist do get trained and such or the war all of this was before the war be use they knew that they were coming. They decide to play defenative after some loses when they attack k a planet they  controled and they found out the hard way about their tech nobly to make the whole planet go into and invisible field that makes duel monster aka yugioh hurt and kill people and their was a  out if you  cheated that the field will kill you or try to.

They were getting pounced around so they gather all of the data they  old and left only one ship escaped. That a lot anthor reason why they wanted the duelist army they need good duelist to beat them. An army of then an alliance of them. It was hard to read it at first but after they were able to break thou some defence that was put out to really delay them coming and after they made the people see what they were really talking about then people started to jon. Then after that the pro tics came and thus they became good with each other and made the genius program.  Until 5 hey got the first battalions of genius troops they were able to gain some ground back that they lost. It was a  it differnce. A big one. Then the protic found out the dark hand found our and they were taking people also that they took people form colonies and use a man up late on device on them to make them think fighting for the dark hand is the best thing to do and such.  The union thought they were all prisoners. An attack on the union colonies that wrre far away form other  colonies is how they found out form an messager ship. Also they  can't get rid of the duel generator machines they call it that make the field. that technology is to advance for them. That it.
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the reason for the duelist army.
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