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The rebirth of EDA.
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 Yugioh wars: chpter 5 part1 last section

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PostSubject: Yugioh wars: chpter 5 part1 last section   Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:45 am

Tue Dec 16, 2014 11:43 pm    Topic: porrof read chaoter 5 part 1 section 3
Chapter 5 part 1 section 3

The day came when it was finally time to duel. All recruits were sent to go get their duel gear and their duel visors that they were given because they did not want them using their arsenal cards. Not yet anyway. Giovanni wonder how good they are at dueling and now he will get that chance. Everyone in their bunks was getting ready. Zed came into our future solders bunk and everyone stop what they were doing and stood completely. Zed said “Everyone the duel fields are up and there will be only one reminder the pain emitters on the duel field that we have set up are at minimum. It will hurt like hell. All right that all you may continue with what you were doing... at ease.” He left and everyone was getting ready. After they all were done they left. While they were walking they heard a lot of duelist talk crap about others. Nothing bad was said about any of them. Everyone got outside onto the duel field. You could see a red field all over the place. The duel field system that they have is not n invisible one.

As soon as they got out their people were dueling left and right well most of them. In a matter of seconds people were taking hits and some started to bleed and they were hurt. Jeremy said “What the fuck?” when he saw it. JT said “Well this happened.” In another area Saddle was slowing going behind Edward cause of all of the craziness going on. Edward said “Clam in the mooring and crazy at night. Just wait until it clams down bit Saddle.” Giovanni was near them and he said “that monster must have an effect it an exceed monster. Why does everyone treat a monster like it a normal monster? Almost all XYZ monsters have n effect. “Then Ben said “That all they care about is the attack points probably. Ha freaking scrubs. Hopefully not all are like that.” Fista came over and spoke “What up bicthes?” Ben asks “Hi Fista beat any scrubs today?” then Fista said “Yep I beat that dumbass up in one turn. Not enough room to duel.” Edward asks “She knows you?” then Fista said “Thought training yep.” Then Edward asks “Sorry to bring this up but if Daniel is 23 years old how old is Gaia?” then Fista look around then she responded “he actually 17 they let him on very specific details. I am not allowed to say anymore. Don’t tell anyone that I told you and if they somehow know that you know tell them you overheard. You and I would both get in quite a bit of trouble if you told them someone told you. Gaia is 37 years old.” Then Edward replied “Hmm I see. Alright I wouldn’t have told anyone else anyway this but thank you.” Then Fista said “Just don’t tell anyone. Everyone around us is to busy talking and waiting in order to listing to us. So which one o you guys wants to play with me?” Then Saddle replied “Fista that dirty.”Then Fista said “Wow you actually caught on. Nice insert happy face.” The guys responded “What the heck Fista?” they said it synchronized perfectly. Fista laugh. Then she said “Oh hey some room is opened up.” Saddle garb Edward and ran to go dueling zone Edward said during the process “Wait!” then Giovanni said “That dueling urge thou.” Giovanni look around and he saw no one. Then he said “Well that was fast.”

Saddle vs. Edward duel single duel. Everything happens as it begging said. Edward said as he got ready “Well since you drag me out here I will go first. “Then Saddle said “Sorry.” Then Edward said “I will now set two cards face down and I will normal summon “Burning Knuckler glassjaw” and now I active a special ability form my hand. If I control a “Burning Knuckler” monster I can special summon burning Knuckler Sparrer form my hand.” Now I build the overlay network and I exceed summon into burning knuckler Lead Yoke. In attack mode. I end my turn.” Then Saddle said “Alright it my turn I draw. Ah yes very good. I summon gusto Egul in attack mode now I active creature swamp. We both have to give each other monster that we control on both sides of the field. So will give my Gusto Egul and you only have one monster on the field so I will take your burring Knuckles Lead yoke.” The monsters switch sides. “Now then I will attack gusto Egul.” Then Edward said “I think not. I active my trap card Dimensional prison. If one of my opponent’s monsters attacks I can active this card and banish it. Yoke can’t deafen against cards that would banish it. Since Burning Knuckles Glassjaw is going to the grave yard it special ability actives. I can target anther Burring knuckles in my gave expect for himself and other copies of this card I can add it to my hand. I chose burning Knuckles Sparrer.” “Then Saddle said “Dang it.” Then she thought “he did that on purpose and not just because he did a weaker monster on the field.” Then she said “I set two cards face down on the field and I end my turn.”

It Edward turn and he draws he said “Alright I summon Burning knuckles Switchitter. Since it was normal summoned it specialty ability actives I can special summon anther burning knuckles monster form my graveyard. I cannot special summon any monsters expect for burning knuckles. I special summon burring Knuckles glassjaw. I will now active a card effect from my hand. I already summoned it last turn so there no need to explain. I special summon Burning knuckles Sparrer form my hand. I will not create the overlay network. I over lay Burring knuckles, Glassjaw, Sparrer. And Switchitter in order to summon Number 105 Burning knuckler star Cestus.” Then Saddle replied “I active my trap card fiendish chain. I will target the number monster you just summoned it effect is negated and I can’t attack.” Then Edward sight and said “Very well I end my turn. “ Saddle turn she makes her draw. She says” Alright time to get to work. I summon Gusto Guido in attack mode. Now Gusto Guildo now attack Gusto Egul.” The other gusto is destroyed. “When it goes to the graveyard and if it gets destroyed by battle it special ability goes off and it went into my graveyard. I get to special summon a gusto monster that is level 4 or lower and I can’t be a tuner. I special summon Pirika, Lineage of Gusto. It has an effect but it optimal for me to use it when it normal or special summoned. I go to my main phase two now I synchro summon Daigusto Sphreeze. When it synchro summoned I can add 1 gusto card form my graveyard to my hand. I will add Pirika, Lineage of gusto to my hand. I will end my turn.”

Then Edward said “okay my move I draw.” Edward thought to himself as he looks at his hand. “These can’t help me. My set card can’t help as well. Oh wait it can but I have to wait for her to do It.” He said “ I will end my turn.” Then Saddie said “Alright then draw. I active shards of greed. For each of my draw phases this card gains a counter. When it has two counters can destroy this card and remove the counters to draw two cards. I now summon Pirika, Lineage of Gusto now I active her special ability I can special summon one wind tuner form my grave in defense mode but it effects are negated and I can only summon wind monsters for the rest of the turn. I special summon Gusto Egul in defense mode. I TUNE Gusto Egul with in order to synchro summon Daigusto Falcons. When it synchro summoned all gusto monsters gain 600 attack points. Now he is at 2000 and my Daigusto Sphreeze is at 2600.” Saddie then thought “ Even thou will lose him I won’t take any damage. YA straight on assault without stopping. ” Saddie then said “ Alright now I attack number 105 burring knuckles star Cestus with Daigusto falcos.” It attack but Star Cestus strike back and destroyed it. “ Now my Daigusto Sphreeze special will active any damage I would take with a battle with a gusto you take it instead.” Then Edward said “ I was waiting for that.” Then Saddie replied “What?” then Edward responded “ I active my trap card Jolt counter. If my opponent were to active any card effect on the field during the battle phase I can active this card and negate and destroy the card that was active. I said field because you can’t destroy card in the graveyard and destroying it is required. Say goodbye to your Daigusto Sphreeze. I believe you also take that 500 life points of damage as well.” Then Saddie said “ ah dang it.” She braces herself and she took 500 life points of damage from star Cestus attack after he destroys her monster. She is now at 3500. It sends s powerful shockwave. Saddie then said “ well I will end my turn.”

It Edward turn he draws. He then says “ It draw and now I active mystical space typhoon and destroy fiendish chain.” It gets destroyed by well you know mystical space typhoon. “ Now Number 105: Burning knuckles star Cestus attack her life points directly.” It homes in for an attack but then Saddie smirks and she gets punch by him and she goes down on the ground and she bleeds form her moth a bit. She is now at 1000 life points “ I active a trap card blessing of the gusto. I target 2 gusto monster in m graveyard which I hose gusto Guildo and Egul. Then I chose anther Gusto in my graveyard and I special summon it. I chose Daigusto Sphreeze. Now I will return the two in my deck.” The deck shuffles automatically because of the due disk. “ Now I special summon Daigusto Sphreeze. In attack mode.” Then Edward response is “ you could have taken less damage if you did that in the first place. Well I end my turn.” It Saddie turn she says “ I draw. Since I did that Shards of greed gain one counter. The counters are called “greed counter” by the way. Now is active this spell card Contact with gusto. I target two gusto monsters in my grave and one of your monsters. I target my Daigusto Falcons and my Pirika, Lineage of Gusto to return to my deck and I will destroy your number 105: burning knuckles star Cestus.” Then Edward said “ Aw man.” Then Saddie then said “ I had this card since turn one and I probably should of use it maybe but now I normal summon Caam, Serenity of Gusto. Now attack Edward life points directly.” Caam cast wind under Edward feet then blasted him with wind and he lost 1700 life points. He is now at 2300 life points. And he hit hard on the ground. He got back up like Saddie did when she got back up by kicking upwards. “ Alright Edward I end my turn.”

It Edwards turn he said “ Aright I draw. Now I think I am going to win this. I active a specialty ability forms my hand. I use Blaster, dragon ruler of inferno special ability to send it and anther fire monster which is the card I just drew burning knuckles Veil to send form my hand to the graveyard in order to destroy one card on the field. I chose Caam, serenity of Gusto. Now by banishing two fire attribute monster which I will chose burning knuckles glassjaw and burring knuckles veil I can special summon Blaster, dragon ruler of infernos onto the field. Now Blaster, dragon ruler of infernos attack Saddie life points directly inferno blast.” An Inferno blast hit Saddie as she grunted and got knock and roll a bit on the ground. She has negative 800 life points. Edward wins. Saddie gets up and wipes the blood of her face. Edward walks to her and then when he gets close he pauses. Saddie then sys “ Well now we have a tie between our two decks 2 and 2.” Then Edward asks “Are you okay?” then she said “ Ya I little pain can’t bring me down.” Then she glowed blue and now she has obtained a new passive ability wind regeneration. The wind automainticly heals her. Then Edward said “ Well looks like you gain something for the duel and it looks like healing cause I can see your brushes getting healed.” Then Saddie said “ I know.” She laughs a bit then some other recruits look at her and one of them said “ She gained new power just even thou she lost.” Another one said “ 2 and 2 is their decks are equal or something?”

At another area. Chase and Saren were about to duel. Saren said “ Alright bud let me see how good you are at dueling. Don’t disappoint me. I trust that you will do good.” Then Chase said “Same bro.” they get into their dueling positions. Then Saren said “You better witch out or my god card.” Then Chase said “Saren you are not Yuri plus you showed me your deck remember.” Then Saren thought “Oh shit I forgot I did that. Well this is problem.” They all draw 5 cards.

Everything will happen move by move play by play. Saren said “Saren has walk in the building and it my turn. I summon Armageddon knight. When it summoned I can send one DARK monster form my deck to the graveyard. I send Density Hero- Malicious form my deck to the grave. I set one cards face down and I end.” It chases turn he says “People Saren will be leaving the building shortly. Since I have no monsters on my side on my field and you do me can special summon Evilswarm Mandragora form my hand. Now I normal summon Plaguespreader zombie in attack mode. I now tuner Plaguespreader zombie with Evilswarm Mandragora in order to synchro summon into Goyo Guardian in attack mode. Now Goyo Guardian attack Armageddon knight.” Saren takes 1400 by getting hit by Goyo weapon and he got knock back a bit. Life point of damage he is now at 2600 life points. “I end my turn with one face down and I won’t take the card.”

Then Saren said after he draws a card “Okay you’re lost. I draw for turn. I active density Draw by discarding one “Destiny HERO” I can draw two cards. I will discard Density hero- Diamond Dude to draw the two cards from my deck. Now I summon Pyramid turtle in defense mode. Now I active my face down card mystical space typhoon. On your face down card.” Then Chase responded “I will do the same thing.” Both of the same cards are now active and both typhoons collide against each other destroying one another. That caused a since which attracted some duelist. “Well now I active Foolish Burial and I send one monster form my deck to the graveyard. I send one of my own Plaguespreader Zombies to the grave. I active it special ability I can return one card in my hand to the top of my deck in order to special summons it forms my graveyard. When it leaves the field it gets banish. Now I tune my Plaguespreader zombie with my pyramid turtle in order to synchro summon Orient Dragon in attack mode. When it Synchro summoned I can target on e face up synchro monster on the field and banish it. Their goes your Goyo Guardian.” He gets hit with a white windish blast and Goyo guardian gets banish. “I guess you should have used his effect last turn because now Orient dragon will attack you directly.” The dragon fire a green looking blast a chase and it send him on his knees. He is at 2700. “Now I will end my turn. Go so I can win.”

Then Chase said “That what you think.” Saren responded “No it a fact. You can whine all you like or you can man up and actually face me the best you can. Even thou it won’t matter.” Chase said “Draw. Now I summon Evilswarm Castor in attack mode when he is normal summon I can normal summon anther Evilswarm or steelswarm. I normal summon Evilswarm thunderbird in attack mode. Now I will overlay the two in order o exceed summon into Evilswarm Ophino. As long as it has Overlay units you cannot special summon level 5 or higher monsters and the same goes for me. I use it effect. By detaching one overly unit I can add and infestation card form my deck to my hand. So I will add Infestation pandemic. “I set one card face down. I will attack orient dragon. “It is destroyed and Saren takes 250 life points of damage. He is now at 2350 life points. “I end my turn.” Then Saren says “I draw and I set one monster in defense position. I End.”
Chase says “I really can’t do anything right now. I will attack your set monster.” Then Saren replied “You destroyed my pyramid turtle by battle so I special ability actives. When it destroys by battle I can a special summon a monster that a zombie type with 2000 or less defense points. I special summon Zombie master in form my deck in attack mode.” The duel disk shuffles the deck. Chase then said “I end my turn.”

Then Saren Reponses “I draw. Now I active Zombie master special ability I can discard a monster card to special summon level 4 or lower monster that a zombie type form my graveyard. I special summon Pyramid turtle.Nowi builds the overlay network I will overlay the two in order to exceed summon Number 101: Silent Honor ARK. Now I active it special ability I can detach two overlay units in order to take one of your monsters that was spec ailed summon on your side of the field and I get to add it as an overly unit. Exceed summoning counts as special summoning doesn’t forget it.” The overly units were removed and Evilswarm Ophino was added to the number monster s an overlay unit. “Now number 101: silent Honor ark attack chase directly.” Chase got it by a dark beam and now he is at 600 life points. His mange to stand his ground. “I end so come at me bro.

It chases turn and he said “I draw. Now I set one card. And I set a monster in defense mode. I end” Then Saren said “I draw. Well well hm now you decide to get into my hand. Well you did a good job Chase I am not disappointed. Now it time for me to end this duel. I banish density hero –Malicious in order to special summon anther Density hero Malicious form my deck and I will special summon him in attack mode. I could have done this before hand form my graveyard but I decide not to.” A recruit watching this said “What the heck anther copy why would he more of one card that bad for the deck.” Tony was near him and he said “What an idiot.” Saren then said “I normal summon Plaguespreader zombie in attack mode. Now I tune Plaguespreader zombie with density hero –malicious in order to special summon Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons in attack mode. Now number 191: Silent Honor Ark attack his face down monster.” The attack went thou and it was an Evilswarm thunderbird. “Now Beelze of Diabolic dragons attack him directly.” The two dragon head shot a powerful blast of darkness and it hit chase and he went flying backwards a bit. Then he quickly got up. Chase has now negative 2400 life points so Saren wins.
Saren said “Well you got up quick. You don’t look that bad. Alright let go time is almost up anyway.” They left the area. Also Giovanni saw a mix of good and bad duelist in terms of skill.

Well for the rest of the time until the final test period starts. They trained every hard. Learning weapon melee combat and other things. Even having team vs. team battles. Which a team vs. team battle is the last test of their final test to see who is ready for the field and who is not. Also yes they learn tactics. They got put under weather shield which they made the Recruits go thou brutal cold and Heat. During the winter time if a blizzard were to strike they will have the weather shield project tony the important parts of the base and let it hit inside the training which during the brutal weather everyone had to sleep outside. Only way to warm or cool up is eating time or bathroom time. That and then they had to go get their duel disk cause they were inside also they went inside for baths. Yes they had a time limit for how long they can stay inside. They dealt with cold tempters in the singles and in the negative digits. The hot digits were in the hundreds and in the 110s. Until part two of chapter 5 which will be a long part. aslo they learned how to drive the vechiles in 3 weeks as well.
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Yugioh wars: chpter 5 part1 last section
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