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The rebirth of EDA.
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 chapter 6 last section

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PostSubject: chapter 6 last section   Thu Feb 05, 2015 12:40 am

Well everyone got back their cards then they went to bed got get sleep cause you battle. The next day the Drill sergeants got everyone up. They also said “Get to the vehicle depo and find your team. You’re our amour if you could not tell has a extra color that should help you find them now gone.” Edward went to Giovanni and asks him “Are you with Yuri?” he nodded his head. “Follow me also you should put your armor on Yuri and Rancho has already left. Saddie wait a bit.” The two already had they duel disk. Giovanni got his duel disk putted his armor on expect helmet and then he put H.A.T into his duel disk and he putted the other decks on his belt. Saddie and Edward got their gear on they have green as extra color and their only one team with colored armored that green. Green totem platoon. Saddie amour is green and a some purple with two flowers in purple on the shoulder pads and it light armor. The extra color was dark green. Edward amour colors besides dark green were black purple. Had the tarot card symbol of the full on his solider pads. His mask even thou he is not wearing it is black and it looks likes on the front a face with a square nose. He has medium amour on. Saddie has a plant looking helmet on that is green. Giovanni colors are red and dark purple. The picture of skill drain in purple is on his shoulders and it is medium-heavy armor. His helmet looks is purple and it looks like a halo Spartan gas mask. Saddie amour has Radom purple spots, Edward has two yellow dots on his upper chest and Giovanni has dark purple on his. More amours will be explained later on at the end of this chapter. Saddie said “Alright helmets on lets go.

Also all new genius soldiers’ r recruits expect team leaders or squad leaders if you prefer. They all followed Edward because he knew where he was going. They manage to get their at 0545 hours (5:45am) they woke up at 0530 hours (5:30 am) by the way. Edward found Yuri fast. Rancho, Gaia, Daniel was their then Rancho said “See I told you Edward would help show the way.” Then Yuri said “Yep you were right.” Then Saddie said “I thought Gaia was with us.” Then Yuri said “No she changes to tony team. It was a good call as well that guy would cause nothing but trouble. We are team Green Totem 003. The third green totem team ever by the way. We are the last line of the platoon. See this Hulk (heavy transport gun ship with 6 heavy Gatling guns and 4 missile lancers. It is not a combat purpose ship.)We are going in to it also with blue hawk and yellow claw platoon as well with some tanks. Not all solders will go into air transport.” Then Daniel ask “Uh hey can our tanks be taken out by one RPG?” then Edward replied “No that castor tank was made to get hit once and get destroyed. The real ones can resist the critical hit. They are out dated on our tanks.” The Hulk doors open up. Fista said “Okay let get in.” they went in and went to the back.

Yuri said “Well while we wait me just want to know what all of you did before you came here. I was a Business man working for a card store call Yugi games. It a well known company now which you probably know. Also if the enemy area is cleared we must put up a green smoke signal Rancho has the cards for that. Yellow mean they can go but there would be enemies and red means it a failure.” Rancho said “I was an automotive mantic.” Then Gaia said “Since no one can hear I was a mercenary.” Then Daniel said quickly “I am a real-estate agent well I was.” Then Saddie said “Indie pro soccer player for the Jolt Kangaroos.” Then Edward said “I was an air line pilot.” Then Giovanni said “Soon to be college student.” Then Gaia asks Giovanni while leaving to look at him. “You okay?” then Giovanni replied “I am just a bit worried.” Then Rancho said “It will be fine we got this. We survived training some did not make it heck some died for real even thou they kept it a secret (ya that true). We made it thou we can do this. The enemy may be great and they have their “immortals” but they are not real life combat experience soldiers as well so we got an even playing ground. What one or a couple more days. Sure ya this is our first big battle but we still go this and all of us we won’t get killed. I am sure you would not let yourself get killed. We have proven ourselves that we can make it thru thick and thin and not everyone can say that half of the people did not make but we did. We can do this and come out alive okay?” then Giovanni perk up some and said “Okay.” Then Gaia said “Good.”

Then the rest of green totem platoon and the other platoons started to come in one after another until everyone was in. 5 minutes after that the tanks rolled in backwards so they can go forward when they get drop off. There were 30 tanks. In total that would be 120 units. On tony team he said to his team which is everyone else is on by the way. “Okay we will be going to this Hulk with 9 other red nova teams the rest are tanks. The tank force is 120 tanks. We are team red nova 007. We will go in seconded wave 50 troops per wave aka 5 teams. Blue hawks will give us a blue smoke signal that when we start going in. If you see a yellow smoke signal that will tell us to halt it too dangerous for us to.” Other red nova teams were listing as well. “If you see a green smoke signal we got to hassle because that smoke signal means that there is a temporary window for us to get in their good before the enemy can regroup attack again. That does mean that if we go on a blue smoke signal expect enemy forces but the 3 platoons will still help us. The base when we get in their good and get the area we will only have a short period of time to set up defense when the enemy comes out. This order just came in today.” Ben asks “How long do we have to keep it up?” then Tony said “Until they stop sending waves in then we book it. The tanks must get in their main garage. After that we are on our own and the forces outside will mop up the rest that are outside. If our breach is successful and if we get a good protection we are good to pour troops right in.” A computer voice said “ETA 20 minutes until departure all units please go into your transports.” Then Zack said “Alright get in.”

Everyone got in their transports including the tanks 2 minuities before they have to leave. After that time they took off or rolled off to get ready fight in their first battle and yes it will be a big battle. It a super base after all.
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chapter 6 last section
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