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The rebirth of EDA.
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 chapter 7 battle of super bade jericho section one

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PostSubject: chapter 7 battle of super bade jericho section one   Sun Feb 08, 2015 4:41 pm

Our 17 soldiers are on their way to the battle of super base Jericho was hopefully will end the stall mate. During the middle of their travel the co-Pilot turn on his speaker and said “We have a change of plans form command. Things are hot we have to wait until 2105hours (9:05 PM) to attack. Just wait until then at the outpost we have set up.” Some complained about it.

Well they got their in 30 minutes. The doors opened up for the transports when able. If there were any vehicles in the transports they got out first then the troops. A hot drop was not necessary. They got out fast. They had to wait so they went to the mess hall to get when it was available. To pass time they played Yugioh without using the duel disk and no they were fine you can’t die if you don’t use the duel disk cause no real physical harm will be done. They also warmed up. Also this outpost was kind of big. During lunch time tony ask “Just to make sure is everyone good to go or no?” Then Saren said “JT isn’t cause he trying to think of what would or could happen like an idiot.” Then JT said “Uh you got some beef with me or something?” then Saren said “Ya I don’t like you idiot.” Then Tony said “Saren today is not the day. Can it.” Then Saren responded “It not my fault if he and hopeless Idiot.” Then tony replied “I said CAN IT! Today is not the day for this shit like this and worser shit like this.” Then Saren replied “Don’t worry Boss I know. I’ll stop for now.” Tony thought “This Is going some ride.”

Meanwhile at the forward base artillery shots are going off. Pegasus is with his officers. A hologram is active showing a map of the battle field. An officer said to Pegasus “sir with all due respect how is 3 platoons going to keep a defensive line and hold the enemy back besides they are new fresh out of boot camp. It would just be a waste the same with the battalion and the tanks.” Then Pegasus replied “Still has a lack of confidence of genius soldiers. They make it thought and they will give us an entrance way to take over the base. Their immortals will be inside the base most likely so we may experience genius solider to get killed. If the tanks make it thou then if there are any in the garage the immortals will not be able to kill genius solders cause of the heavy fire. Either ay I don’t care about what you think about them we are going with the plan weather you like it or not.” The officer then said “sir yes sir.”

Two new people went to Yuri and his team. Yuri and his team look at them then one of them said “Hi I am David Elson. With me is Cameron Whitestar. I am Recon assault unit specialized in hacking. Yes I got a jet pack.” Cameron said “I am an anti infantry unit and I specialize in tactics. We got order form the general to join your team and no we did not have a team.” They handed Yuri the order and he grab and look at it and then he said “Ya okay everything is in order. Alright welcome to green totem 07. Our objective is to clear a path for genius and tank troops to come in and take out enemy forces. “Then Cameron said “You know what that sounds fun.” Then Daniel ask “wait you don’t need a full team you said why not ask why he did this?” then Yuri look at him and said “I am fine with it besides I can’t go against a general order I just have the okay to not have a full team.” Then he replied “Uh alright.” He looks at them “Welcome sorry about that.” Then David said “it okay. Oh if you want to know our decks mine is blue eyes ninjas and my power card or spirit card is blue eyes white dragon.” Then Cameron said “mine is stellarkngiths and my power card is stellarkngiths Delteros.” Yes I have added two new people into the story.

It now the time for the soldiers and the tanks go now. While the battle field on enemy 3 Genomix fighters rushes to destroy alliance artillery units but Chaos command magicians swoop in and took them out. Then they spot the duelist and all of the shot dark magic bolts at him and killed him. One of the artillery crew after that synchro summoned for Naturia Leodrake. On the front line at the right line at the frontline heavy cannon fire. An alliance marine said “those reinforce better come soon we can only hold out for two days. They haven’t figure out how to get past our line yet.” Then anther marine said “Wait what oh, ya in 2 days they will get massive boost of forces. They could overwhelm us I get it.” Then the other marine said “well good then.”

Time pass on the three platoons get ready to get off. The red lights on the Hulks turn on and some soldiers say “red lights.” Everyone quickly make sure they got their stuff on and check their weapons. Then it went to yellow light. The pilot then said “Tanks first then one platoon at a time leave space in between platoons. All of the teams were actually setting was actually charted out that why Yuri wanted his team on the back cause they were assigned there. “Expect shots begin fire all over the place.” The pilot said. Everyone felt the ship go down some. Then the green lights appeared and the door opened up a blue hawk sergeant said “it opened get those tanks moving.” They tanks rolled off and hit the ground because they were 5 feet of the ground. The same solider said after the last tank drop “5 foot drop.” The platoons drop off one by one. On their helmets or them tactual hoods they saw were to go. They ran to it shooting any enemy forces they saw and that they could hit. All helmet arsenal has a build it I headphone or speaker so they could what the comms were saying also other units were getting drop of as well . Yes hey have a communication device to them as well. The hoods have a built in tactual image screen as well. General Pegasus the 8th said on the comms (commutations.) alright green totem you got right flank blue hawk left flank and yellow claw you got middle. Until all units get to their location then we cannot begin the breach. They will try to flock to you. I am Gold claw. Gold claw out.”

All platoons go their positions and away form was they might get hit. Gold claw then said “alright the walls will come down in 5…4…3…2...1… now.” The walls in front of them got hit by heavy cannon fire and in 5 seconds it came down. The dust settled fast and then gold claw said “the operation starts now green totem go.”
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chapter 7 battle of super bade jericho section one
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