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PostSubject: Yugioh Wars intro and prlouge   Yugioh Wars intro and prlouge EmptyThu Sep 11, 2014 5:39 pm

please forgive me if some things don't make sesnce. if you see nay let me know and this was 7 pages long on word docment. please infrom me if you want it to be broken up each chapeter into parts.
This is fan fiction there will be names and people that will be reference in the yugioh series. Fan fiction is where a fan of something like yugioh makes something up that has characters forms that series and involves some of the same things in the series like powers, weapons and in this case cards. It also has to relate to the original series. Fan fiction may also be considered cannon meaning that it fans made. The people in this story are not real nor do the locations expect state and country are real. The names are chosen base on people that the writer meet but his relationship to them will not be told or revealed fully just their first names. This story will tell in third person.
The year is 2014 on planet earth our planet. The date is august 24th. Our heroes have not seen each other in a long time. Now they actually meet each other again for it has been months since they all gathered together. They have no idea what will happen next. In the yugioh animated series dimension a war is rage on the planet of Yami and it fellow friend planets. The year is 2435 in their dimension. This planet makes it possible for yugioh monster well in their case duel monsters able to kill and hurt people. An evil force called the Dark hand has develop the technology that will enable them to use duel monster cards in order to hurt people despite that they would look like holograms when the machine release the spirit in the card and make it have a physical form. They have cared this power to other worlds to make it harder for someone to die. The people of earth over their learned of this and learned the hard way that they really do have the technology to do that thou they have a scientific theory for it. Earth has made the untied Union which governs the planets that have colonies that came from earth. They manage to steal this technology when they got to the dark hand planets and use it. Their duelist army is called the Duelist alliance. The dark hand has another plain they have learned of our dimension and they believe that they can attack it and steal duelist over their due to the spies that they sent over reported that they play duel monster but they call it yugioh. They are able to use dimension portal to get over there. The dark hand technology is more than powerful enough to make the daledisk able to make holograms that can hurt and kill people.
The enemy is led by alien male Called Malk. He has disguised himself as a human. They are known as the Kibarens and he is the one of the 3 of last of his species. The other two are Jace and Saix. An anther alien race called the Protics is helping the Alliance give them technology and recourse to combat the dark hand. They are ones who are responsible for almost destroying the Kibaren race. The protics council unfortunately decides not to help them in combat and only gave them limited amount of technology and recourse that they think that all that they need. Expect they are allowed to protect duelist in our heroes world form begin captured. Many Protics were angry and disgusted at the council choice and argue that they should help them and get rid of the Kibarens once and for all. One of the thigns that they gave to the alliance is the technology of arsenal cards that give the user power and that gives them the power to destroy the monster in Duel monster and that can deal life point damage as well as for defense. They take the color red. Now then let us watch as our heroes go on an epic adventure that will forever change their lives. They meet at a private video game store called Digital masters.
3:06 pm united states of America, Pennsylvania, Bastion Township, Inside Digital masters in the Bastion plaza forecast cloudy. At table Tony age 19 white male as duels he hold his hand of Yugioh cards. “Okay I summon Bujin Yamato, set 2 active Kaiser Coliseum, go to end phase Bujin Yamato effect actives I can send one Bujin monster form my deck to the grave yard and then I send Bujin turtle to the grave and I ass Bujin crane to my hand.” He sends Bujin turtle to the graveyard and him ads Bujin Crane to his hand and revels it due to the rules that I must reveal the card that you added form your deck to your hand by a search effect. Then Ben age 25 white male obese draw a card form his deck and said as he played it out. “Okay I will active dark world dealings we both draw a card then we discard.” He sends Grepha, dragon lord of dark world to the grave.” I set two. I active drag down to the grave. We both relive our hands and we chose one card form each of our hands to send to the grave. We draw after that.” Ben chose Bujin crane to go to the grave yard. Tony chose his other dark world dealings. “I summon Snoww, Unlight of dark world Active and effect form the grave yard. I can return one monster on the field back into my hand to special summon Grepha, dragon lord of dark world. I attack Your Bujin Yamato.” Tony replied after flipping up one of his face down cards. “I active my trap card Dimensional prison. I can banish a monster that is attacking on my opponent side of the field.” Then Ben flips on of his face down cards which was a quick play spell “I active forbidden lance. I target my monster it losses 800 attack and defense but it unaffected by other spell or traps.” The attack went thou and tony monster is destroyed and he loses 300 life points now he is at 7700 life points.
On another game table a white male Chase 17 and a white male Jeromy 17 glasses also a white male obese Giovanni 18 talk about the back stories of the characters of Yugioh. Chase said “Akiza backstory is depressing. She has these powers and her parents basically treated her like a freak.” Then Jeromy said in a happy voice “Yusie got was force to live up on his own. The city is going to blow up but sorry son I must sacrifice myself to save others and you. Expect when he got to Martha then he was good.” Then Giovanni then said “Man yugioh 5ds has the most tragic backstories out of the other series. Really Zexel and whoever the new guy is in Arch his back story is probably not good enough tragic to beat 5ds guys.” Then Chase said “True that.”
Near a table that has a grid on it. A Black male named JT 30 with glasses and a white male with glasses named Nathen 23 was talking about the current government and the state Jt said “Well for many years Pennsylvania has been democrat. In fact it would not be surprising to both democrats and republican if they go democrat again.” Then Nathen ask “When do you think that thigns went south for the country cause at one point it went like that.” Then Jt replied “Around the civil war or after well during Lincoln time and after his death.” Then Nathen ask “People think that the civil war was about freeing the slaves is that true?” then Jt said “No it was because the confederates wants to break away form he states and become Independent the Union did not want that.” They continue on talking about it. Then a white male age 20 came Zack went to Tony and said “I got the fire and ice hands.” Then tony look up to him and said “Okay just put it aside for now.”
A white male came in named josh white male age 18 came in. Giovanni look at him and said “Yo Josh.” Then Josh said “Hey bud.” He had a box with him and he putted on one of the table that no one was sitting at. Then Giovanni said “I got a stardust dragon that you wanted.” Then he looks at me and said “Hmm 20 dollars.” Then Tony said “It always going to be 20 dollars on average probably.” The Josh said “I say that when I like something. I know it 20 dollars.” Then the store owner Brain went around with a bin and said “One dollar fee for volunteer clean up team.” He came to the people in the store that was inside there and play card games and do role play for you see Digital masters is more than just a video game store that got merchandise of anime comics etc. and video game book plus board games. They also have cards to sell as well as deice. It like a geek paradise you may say. After he was done with that. He out the bin back. Jt said “Well I have to go I promise my wife I will be back before 4pm and I have to stop at Kuhn’s and get some stuff first. I enjoy coming over here and having talks like these. I can’t help but feel that something bad is going to happen thou.”
Outside in the parking lot a women in a black SUV called a number on her cell phone. When she made a connection with the person she was trying to call she said “Remember the 9 duelist I talk to you about that other day that I reminded you form last year. They all actually came to the Digital master store.” Then the man on the other Cell phone line said “Alright we will get them hopefully no protic interruptions this time. I hope we win this war and make it a 3 year war. It won’t be too long now until we are made public. I wonder what they will call us. I will contact them you should leave we don’t want any risk of losing you.” then she said “Okay hurry that black male may leave early. Bye.”
Jt said 5 seconds after talking a bit more with Nathen. “Okay then I should really go now bye guys.” Just as he past he past the glass cases. Two portals opened up one blocking the entrance and anther one near the vending machines to the left of the store in the view of going thru the entrance door. And a Gene-warped warwolf appeared near the entrance and on the other one Gagagigo on the other one. As well as Sea serpent warrior of darkness. Then one guy came from the entrance and anther one form the other portal. The Gene-Warped Warwolf grab one of the magic the gathering players that was playing on the big table and the man who had some sort of a due disk said “ All yugioh player come with us thought he portal with your decks if any and if you do this guy won’t get hurt.” Then one of the employees got out a pistol but he got knock out by Gagagigo. Then the other man said “Do not fight back try to play hero again and someone will get badly hurt. Don’t ask any questions just do as you are told. Also don’t speak.” Then the entire yugioh players putted their decks in their bags and boxes. They were all worried and some were scared. Then after they were done one of them said “Great fat people. Oh well.” Then they quickly saw a blue orb appeared and a blur like energy begging came out of it. Then shots two beams that killed the monsters and dark hand troopers. During which a grenade was thrown by a Dark hand trooper... The protic cast a shield to protect everyone quickly. He was successful but the yugioh cards were all destroyed.
The protic said after the portals went away. “I am a Protic we are energy type begins. We are not here to cause any harm. Sorry about your store. Listen I know this is all the sudden to you but yugioh players they were coming after you. You are not safe on this world I must take you to a safe place before more arrive.” Then the lady employ said “oh my god you incinerated them.” then the protic turned to the heroes and said “yes I did. Please there is little time. Come with me.” Then Brain the store owner said “How can we trust you” as his breaths heavily. Then he said “There is no time explains but please you must trust me.” Then Brain said “We want answers.” Then he said “I am sorry but in order to ensure no more harm comes. I came get the entire yugioh duelist right now. Others will come when they have no heard or seen them in a while. Again I am sorry and you will know the answers. Anther protic will come over here. I hope I get the right people” A blue portal opens and it sucks in with a powerful force Zack, tony. Jt, Nathen, Ben, chase, Jeromy, Josh and Giovanni.
The portal opened to a place that looks like ruins and our heroes landed in the area and the Protic Teleport over there. After the heroes got out Ben ask in an angry sort of voice “Okay what is going on? You said you will tell us what is happening so tell us. Also how do you we play yugioh and how come the portal only pulled us in?” then the Protics look at us and said “We have watch you and I used my mental powers to target you so only the pull portal would pull you in even thou. Even thou I made out of energy I can still think. I only had a 10 second glace to see what you look like. I thought I might have gotten a non yugioh player. Even thou we are made out energy we have a concuss. The men that came after you wanted you for their army to take over earth in the other dimension that they came from the dark hand. Over their they have the technology to draw out the spirit of the monster to give it physical form. The armies that we will talk about soon now think that the deceives that we give can give them enough power do to deal real damage. The truth is that everything has a spirit not just living things like a TV, rubber boxes and cards in this case. In actuality the new duel disk which they are gives the soul more than enough power to hurt people when it appears in hologram form. We call the technology Magtech. It can do magic things and science thigns all at the same time.” then Jeromy said “ Are you done or are no.” after that then the protic replied “ Yes I am done. The year in the Dimension that they came form is in the earth year 2435. They can travel form planet to planet they have just start to colonize at year 2170 but now they have stop because of the war. It has been going on for 3 years. Just to inform you the war has been taking place in more than one planet the dark hand attack the colonies. Yes they manage to set up some colnies.There is this planet that were duel moster cards can kill without tech. an evil army called the Dark hand is there and on this planet call Yami you can only destroy or kill with duel moster cards. The government found it out the hard way. Yami is their main planet by the way they have more than one like I mention before.” Chase cough
“They made a duelist army called the duelist alliance. They took them to the planet of Yami it was hard to land down there and it was difficult but they were successful. They also attack other dark hand worlds. Dark hand found out about your Dimension probably because the leader of them is a Kibaren. My species almost wipe them out but there are 3 left. We made contact with hem and we gave those resources and some of our technology, sadly our council will not send troops to fight. I do not know why but we can help protect you and now if we bring you back to your world they may come after you again. They are secretly using dimension portals that are only useful to traveling to anther dimensions. They came after you probably because they knew you were duelist. You were most likely stalk.”
Then Tony said “What going to happen to our family and friends? Why are humans following an alien.” then he replied “They will leave them be when they see that we took you. If you want to go back go ahead but head my warring if you do they will most likely to find you again. The aliens have disguised themselves as a human with their power.” Then Giovanni ask “Why did your spices want to destroy theirs species in the first place?” then he said “They are a warrior type of race. They fought other races until they destroyed them most of the time. The other are slaves. They targeted us as we fought them we discovered of what they did to other spices when invaded their worlds also we heard stories form their slaves.” Then Chase said “Were you threating us when you gave the warning?” then he replied “No not really. We will give you a card if you want to return back and fight. They won’t feed you for free. You will have to fight of course. I will tell you this you are not the first one they have went back. Some duelist form your world has already been taken by the dark hands. We have save some of your duelist and some have decide to fight and others have to decide not to fight. A few do decide to come back thou because they could not escape them and they families and friends were in danger. We try to protect them but we lost a few to them they are with the enemy now probably brain wash like the rest who refused to help them. They did not brainwash them if they willing decided to fight for them.”
Then Jt ask “Are there any people that decided not to fight successfully escape from them?” then the Protics replied “Yes 10 0f them to be accurate but that because they evade them for months so they decided to give up on them. Well the groups that went after them did but 4 groups that went after them were killed.” Then Jt ask “How many people were captured?” then the Protic replied “we estimate 378 people. I am curious why your law enforcement hasn’t done anything about it I am sure they would have known something was up?” then Nathen said “There was news about a lot of disappearance and a couple of people did report what was going on but they did not listen apparently to their stories. I bet that they will release public info about them soon maybe. Not sure why they are keeping it hidden.” Then the Protic said “I see well then “He creates a portal “If you want to you can return home we will give you card in the mail next day. We will try to protect you like we did with the others.” Then Josh said “Can we have the list of people that went to go fight for the alliance.” Then the protics replied “In the room behind you. We had a pylon set up so don’t worry about power if you were worried about it.” Pylon gives power if you wanted to know. The Protic ask “Any questions?” then heroes said “no.”
Then he said “at midnight of today over here the portal will close. If you chose to fight there is something you must make new decks the sudden grenade destroy the cards that you had. In the back we have a machine that will make all of the legal cards that they have other Dimension. The cards will be printed like your will but when you get out of this area they will change into the cards that look the cards in the other dimension. Also if any card the other dimension had any different effect form your world card effects that effect will take over. Like for numbers for an example on your world they can be destroy by monster but in their dimension they can only be destroyed by numbers in battle after you leave this area that will take in effect, don’t worry on the machine it will tell you what the anime effect is if it different. Also in the world of Yami life points are life and death as well as your deck. If you deck out you must put anther deck in before the 15 seconds of life you have left. If your life points reach zero in an unsafe zone you will die. A safe zone is were duelist can duel without worrying they will die. If you surrender a duel in unsafe zone you will die. There are new cards that we gave the alliance and they are red card call arsenal cards. These cards can only get destroy after you died. With these cards you can destroy your opponent moster negates whatever card effect they use and can deal life point damage to them. They are also used for vehicles and structures like a tank or a defense turret. Those can be destroy by taking the right amount or too much damage. The amour and such also give you more defenses like a life point boost. Your opponent can not stop the activation of these cards. These cards must be Intune with your mind so you can be at your fullest power it better than just making them for people and prove to be more effective onto eh field than the ones that was design for the common trooper. Also life points are at 4000. Now then if you want to stay and fight stay here there is more than enough food and water to keep you alive here for 4 days. That is how long it will take for them to get here. This is the area that we take people who we saved. No one else is here currently and yes they have come earlier at times here to pick up people. You are in the world of Taric one of the colonies that was attack. The people in the digital master store will be safe. I must leave now goodbye.” He teleports away.
Giovanni said to the others “Well ether fight and hopefully not die or run and hopefully they won’t capture you, kill you or do anything bad to your family and friends.” Then Jeromy said “So we can fight and possibly die or we can run and put other lives on the line.” Then Tony said “He just said that.” Then I Jt said “I don’t if should go back home. I don’t the choices but I don’t want to put my wife in danger as well for my family and friends. We were stalk and our stalkers may find us again plus they may already know what places we go to. It better if I fight than put my family and friends in danger. I have no idea how powerful these guys are but I am sure they could do bad things to my family and friends for certain. I could just live on my own but I bet these guys will do whatever they want in order to get us. I mean they did not leave those 10 guys alone for months. It could 2 or 3 but it would be reckless and selfish. I won’t do that. I will fight.”
Then Ben said “I may regret this but I agree with you. I will fight. I don’t want to cause others to suffer because of my selfness. Nathen what are you going to do?” then Chase ask “Ya I mean he is your brother. Will you be with him?” then Nathen said “Hu god. I Hu Yes I will. I don’t want to risk nay of our family and friends dying.” Then Giovanni said “I got family in the state, Canada and in Italy. I am not risking it. I am not military stuff but I will not let anything happen to them out of my selfness. I am going. I refuse to let them hurt them. They won’t go after them unless I go back and if they don’t see me for a couple of days I bet they won’t go after them. I will do it to keep them safe.” Then Ben said “yep same here not fit for the military guess we will be by training so that will help.” Tony coughs and said “I’m doing it. Life world be bad if I went back. Yes I am worried about my family and friends.” Then Zack shout and said “All of those who are going say Yugioh because you don’t want put anyone else in harm way and life would be a consent fight to not get captured by any dark hand people whatever.” Then everyone said “Yugioh.” Then Zack said “We are all doing it then. Let’s go find these machines that they have and the beds if any also the food and water.” Then Josh ask “I’ll look for the food anyone wants to come with me?” then I Giovanni said “I will come.” Then Jeromy said “Don’t eat the food now.” Then Giovanni replied “Hey I don’t do that crap anymore. I stop that a MANY years ago. I don’t do that in survival as well. Ya I am still fat so?” Then Jt said “Dude really?” Then Jeromy said “Sorry.” Giovanni said “I forgive you.” Then Ben said “Me and Nathen will go look for beds.” Then shortly after that Tony quickly said “ma and Zack will go look for the machines.” Then Jt said “I will go see if it can find anything else.” Chase and Jeromy went with Jt and the others did what they said they do.
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