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The rebirth of EDA.
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yes i did editing this time.

First the second sniper shots from all 4 of them Saren cast dark lighting on them to tell them to go without hitting anyone. Then everyone down their moved expects Nathan. They went neutralized the kill point with only 2 looses. The red team got the advantages with the snipers in the start. Tony team manages to take out a force that would have most likely taken the enemy flag on the left flank. Yuri team took the middle ground and Fista team to the right flank. Giovanni got Saren and his team to leave their safe zone by shooting shots from his laser cannon. He took out half of his team with one shot. He was on the right flank. Fista team actually intercepted him but Giovanni Shaw them first and shot at her team well they were non team members I should say. He took them out with his Nullifier laser cannon. Fista cast toril shield to give her invariability. She had her team get hold back. Giovanni created a drone. Fista charge in with her Sky ripper assaulter rifle she took aim and gave a full burst of shots at him. She took him down. Giovanni cannon can only get rid of energy shields and magic like shields also buff ups. Even thou he hit her couple of time her spell kept her safe. Also the drone went away after he got hit. She hid his body. Then she went back to her team and gave the order to go on ahead she let Daniel lead them.

She went to Giovanni and said “I was wrong about you I thought you would useless in combat. I only pretended that I want you with us. I underestimated you. Weather you know it or not you gave us problems with that drone of yours you gave us trouble. You seem to also know how to use those cannon of yours up close which is nice. By the way me the other and all of your friends are on red team. Bye now.” Fista rejoined her team. With her team t flaking on the right, tony team on the left and your team back up by saran team they manage to capture the flag the overseer then said “Blue team flag has been taken.” Josh had the flag. Red team still knows that blue team members were still out there. The red team that was in the blue zone had josh stop so they can protect josh. Josh had is Photonic pistol out while holding the flag. Oh by the way the reason why the guns have no limitless clip is because it has be proven 60% of the time while shooting over the average clip can mess up the duel disk lot. There was a team of 6 in front, left right and behind him. With other team members taking other roots. They rush it and took out some of the other members of the blue team. Their was a guy that was going to take their flag but he got shot and someone toss him off. Then Josh place the flag an it eh pool holder and the overseer said “Stop. Blue flag is in the red team pull so Red team wins. Blue team gets served dinner 45 minutes later after dinner starts. Also blue team waits until someone takes out your static add-ons out when able. Same with down red team. Return the add-ons to the appropriate desk of the respective team. Report back 0200 hours after dinner back over here. Am yet or create one if able. If you still have not joined a team yet or create one if able.” Red team was like woo and such.

Fista actually was nice enough to remove Giovanni static add-ons. Red team members removed some blue teams add –on but mostly the other red team members. Some mock others. Giovanni went to go request for Yuri team. Everyone did eat when they were supposed to.

Now then the thing that Pegasus the 8th has for them evolves a part of his war plan. Now then let take a look at the planet. As you know you know it currently a stall mate. Dark hand has 53% control of the planet while the Duelist alliance has 47% control. The dark hand has lost a whole lot of troops three times more than the alliance on this world. That gives the alliance the upper hand in numbers. The dark hand has more recourse than the alliance so that plus for the dark hand. Fortunately the alliance rules the space near the planet making it pretty much imposable for the dark hand to send down help. There is one single way to break the stalemate. It timed as well. Super base Jericho if they manage to capture that base it will reduce their supplies by 15%. Pegasus will talk more about it. In fact let get things going with him right now.

Everyone got to the area they were told to get to. There was a stand again with Pegasus the 8th on it. Every one of the recruits was in rows and columns. Pegasus starts talking. “Hello my new genius soldiers. For those of you who do not know me I am Pegasus the 8th. Like my other family members are we are retaliated to the original Pegasus that created the game. I am a part of his adopted line. Enough of that now. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. You 400 will be enrolled in the assault of super base Jericho. If we manage to capture it the enemy will lose 15% of their resource line in a matter of a week making the other bases, vehicle depos etc. In a 500 mile radius. Any edge that we can get against them will get rid of this stalemate in this war.” A screen turns on behind him all the sudden. It shows the battle field and more tings will pop as it goes on well as Pegasus goes on talking. “This is the battle plan for a couple of days mobile infantry unties, tanks and artillery have keeping the enemy separate from the others. We manage to jam their comms to the others but no amongst themselves. It to dangerous for us to get control of it without Genius soldiers. If we could you would not be needed for this. We need to hit their left side that is their weakest line of defense. We made sure it stayed that way but we did not make it obvious that we will attack it. They will think we will attack their right side for granted. Your team names will be your permanent team name. Genius Platoon (which is 30 people) Clear blade you will join the attack on their right flank to distract them. Platoon Hackem will be to the south and slasher will to the north picking off the enemy defenses so they don’t give the forces on the west side which is the left side. Platoon Green Totem will take care of the defense the west side then provide cover fire while company Red nova will breach the enemy and start taking them out and destroying other defense. Be careful Green Totem they enemy for the other sides can still attack you. 10 seconds after green Totem will get reinforce by Blue hawk and Yellow claw platoons. A convoy of tanks will help push the offense with Red Nova Company which will have 200 soldiers. The rest will be reinforcements they will be the remainder of the extra forces called Returners. We won’t have orbit or air support. We attack tomorrow at 0800 hours you will leave in at 0630 hours. Half an hour trip. Be prepared and if you don’t have a team or in one we will put or give you one. It would be bad if that were to happen not just to you but for us as well it would waste our time. After the breach is successful listen for your next objectives for your team or platoon.” The screen shut off. “All team leaders please report to the vehicle bay for vehicle transport location. Also Even thou we will not have air support during the battle we will have healvacs as transportation (they can heal Infantry with a beam) and some others also as support only. Just assault wise we won’t. They need to take out the enemy flyers. Also give all of your arsenal cards to the staff that will come by a get them to put your rank on them. Amour only. Also they have their elite units over Their immortals expect to face them but off the Intel that we got they are fresh new troops just like you. Alright everyone that it dismiss.” Everyone said “Sir Yes sir.” Then they disperse to go get to the bunks while team leaders go to the vehicle bay.

Everyone in the bunks were talking about tomorrow and saying how badass they are going to be. Others worry about it. Some did not care. At Saddie bunk she sang “We were going to kill tem, we are going to kill them all. We will rip of their balls of and put it in their mouths. Then we will rip off their heads and put it up their asses.” Josh responded “Why would you sign that?” then Saddie said “Cause someone already sang it before one day.” She sang on “I don’t care how bloody it going to be. Let the bloodshed rage on. Blood and organs never scared me anyway.” Then Edward said “It a bloody version of “let it go.” It pretty fantastic.”

In Gaia bunker she said “So many freaking worry hogs. Worrying way too much.” Then Daniel said “Hey.” Then Gaia said “Not talking about you.” Then Daniel ask “Did I do good today.” Then Gaia said “Yes. How many people do think we will lose Genius wise?” then Daniel said “Don’t be like that what are heartless bicth, or a self severing one.” Then Gaia said “I wouldn’t go back to my mercenary life if I didn’t have you. Also who do you think provide for you? I will answer that for you me. If you are going to act like that don’t be a dumbass. Unless want a repeat of last week. Don’t call me that again.” Then Daniel said “I was just checking geese don’t be an asshole.” He looks at the guys that were worrying a lot. One of them said while looking down and sacred. “We are not ready for this. We can’t do massive battle only small ones that are what we are trained for because we are all going for forerunner when we chose our regiment. For the love of the almighty suns we are all going to die.” Then Daniel said “You guys are nothing but cowards in fact how the hell did you make it this far? Small battles are for forerunners sometimes. Not everyone was training for that regiment. Most everyone here is going to the marauder or garrison regiment. You act like everyone was going for the forerunner regiment you useless idiots.” Everyone was within heard him talk in the bunk now. “Their nothing wrong with that Regiment it needed but it people like you can’t cut it even thou they somehow pass. What a freaking nice way to bring people down who are confident before you jackass started this everyone expect all of you showed confidence and now only a few are. Thanks for lowing moral Dumbasses.”

The guys who responded that “How can you say that? We are not numbered we could not get any reinforces over here. The ships won’t last for long and we can’t get any reinforcements from any of the planets. Didn’t you hear?” then Saren got piss and said “What the fuck shut up! No wonder you got yelled at a lot you’re the biggest idiot here on the training faculty.” Another guy said “You shut the fuck up. You have done nothing but caused trouble you useless piece of shit.” Saren quickly got up grab him threw him to the wall then grab him and lift him up. “Shut up. I did what I had to do to pass. All of the shit you told us is the opposite of the general said all of that shit is what the enemy has. You are and your friends over there are the weak link and are going to be the weak link in the battle plan the same goes for everyone else like you. I sure fucking hope their isn’t a lot of you. It even sounds like you idiots wanted to get a position behind the front lines. Your best bet is the garrison regiment. I sure fucking hope we can pull this off because we got people like who are still soft and I hope you don’t end up covering my ass. It one thing to think of the worst possible outcome and make plans just in case and it happens but to crower and whimper you are not a Genius solider. If you worry somewhat is understandable but acting like you Idiots is not acceptable. Forerunners regiment will be waiting for you after the battle. THE GENERAL IS FUCKING COUNTING ON US, HIS FORCES CAN’T TO SHIT TO THAT BASE WITHOUT US AND WE HAVE A CHANCE TO END THIS DAMM STALEMATE SO MAN THE FUCK AND LIKE A REAL SOILDERS!” He tosses him to the ground hard.

Some other guy heard footsteps and said quietly “Someone is coming.” They went back to go sit down. Then the door opened it was their drill sergeant and he his one hard son of a gun as well. He asks with intestate in his eyes “What with all of this ruckus going on over here I hope everything is alright.” Gaia said “Sir Fista pass some gas sir.” Then he quickly replied “Really why I am not surprised.” Fista went “Ah” then drill said “For the love of Pete woman learn some manners.” Some of the other chuckled. “Alright I need all of your amour cards it won’t take long like probably like thirty minutes.” He came and takes each one. It happens to ever other bunk as well. Fista was like why to Gaia.
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chapter 6 section 2
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