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The rebirth of EDA.
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PostSubject: chapter 3 lasction training base Hindu   chapter  3 lasction training base Hindu EmptyFri Oct 17, 2014 1:47 am

here is the ending https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivsjIxnlHzE

After everyone was done eating Zed had everyone on at an obstacle course. Then Zed said “Alright rookies this is a mega course that I like to call deadmans drop and guess what, you’re going to do it anyway. Why? Because it's big, it's bad and it’s an inhumane obstacle course. I want you to beat it twenty times. Watch how the current platoon is doing it. Also get gloves in that Bin over there.” They watched them until they were done. They had to wait for 20 minutes and they watched carefully. Then Zed said “alright get moving.” The obstacle course starts with 120 feet. Then monkey bars are 50 feet long. At the bottom is muddy water thou out all of the gaps. After that is climb down a rope then back up the same feet the an zip line down. Then they climb up 60 feet on rock climb with reel rocks but it is climbable. Then they rope swing for 80 feet with a turn. Then they do plat form jumping for 50 feet with TIRES then they must jump down onto a soft landing pad. Then they finished up.

They managed to do it less than 8 minutes for most of them. After that then Zed said as the 20 trainees were panting but standing up “Alright girls and boys give me 3 fifteen reps of 100 pushups.” Almost everyone had difficulty doing it. They were dehydrated then Zed said “Well that actually went better than I thought. Alright gets to the knife throwing range. Run rookies.” They ran to it.
They got to it then Zed yelled “GET A KNIFE AND THROW IT AT THE TARGET. DO NOT TRY TO HIT SOMEONE OR ELSE YOU WILL GET SHOT AT!” They started to throw knives but they did not get one to stick for a while but they eventually did. Then they picked up a rhythm and they did very well to impress Zed. They went farther back each 5 minutes about 20 yards. That barely stop they momentum that they had. They did an hour of it but at one point they stopped going back.

Then Zed said “Very good boys and girls. Now then head inside the training hall. It’s time to learn some martial arts and yes it's the same place as you gave your oath at. I want you to run their. MOVE!” they started to run to the training hall. After twenty seven seconds they got there. Then they saw a training group finishing up 4 martial art and 2 kung Fu 3rd degree black belts it looks like. Also one Protic Then Zed came along and got in front of the group. Then he said “Well aren’t you all lucky. We have veterans that became 3rd degree black belts a highly experience Kung Fu warriors. Taekwondo do which will be taught by Mr. Wang, Kendo taught by Mr. Jelax, Jujitsu taught by Mr.Yahoko. Aikido will be taught Mr. Kinjo. Wing Chun will be taught by Mr. Chunuse. And Mr. Kaleton will tech Muay Thai. Protic Allen will teach tho ken and Die Ren. Now take it away.”

Allen said “Time to start.” They went through intensive training and did mental exercises like punching water which is a test of will power. Punching water will hurt you but the will and determination will make you mentally stronger. Balancing blow on the two hands and head filled with water. It seems easy but later on you will get TIRED of it then it will get hard. They also did physical training. Fist are not that strong even thou they are used for fighting. Hands do become frail. They punched newspaper on a wall for two hours straight. To harden their skull they had people do palm strikes to their head for four hours straight. They are careful not kill the person. The brain is the most vital part of the body. Then they banged their heads for 4 hours on a hard punching bag made out of sand to withstand the shock of an attack. For the neck they do a hand stands while their head is on the ground and someone holds their legs in the process. For an hour at least. Another method is hanging your neck from a hanging loop of material while making a monk meditation stance. For three hours. They did even more in training. Die Ren is a fighting style of body sacrifice in order to launch an a deadly blow to the opponent. The deadly blow is done on manikins. Tho ken is a rapid deadly combo art like martial arts and that consistency of take down moves. They still had no water. It ended until 0530 hours next day. They also punch a sand bad with two fingers form each hand about 4,000 times. When it came to that time they were sent back to their bunkers.

When they got to their bunkers. Zack said “what the heck? Why don’t we have anything to drink or eat? Well at least we now we get to sleep.” Then Saddie said “yeah they will wake us in two hours. I am probably right about that.” Then a trainee asks “I thought I would be prepared for this I guess not.” Then another trainee said “Ya dueling aren’t the same thing as working out and training. Mr. Yuri Hashirama.” Then Edward said “I knew it.” Then Yuri said “I know that.” Then the same trainee sad “Why don’t you go back to your rich house? Oh wait you got cut off so you set yourself out to prove yourself or something like that.” Then Yuri said “No, I will ever give up. That is part of the reason and yes one of my greatest ancestors was the Old king of games. Why are you comparing me to him for?” then trainee said “ Yeah and you have the copies of the 3 god cards that’s why they let you in, not only that you somehow manipulated Illegal cards to be used legally but you got rid of any trace of how you did it.” Then he said “I was going to share it but something bad happened and I lost it.” Then the trainee said “Yeah sure like any of us are idots.” Then another trainee said “Shut up. We are all trying to sleep. We are dehydrated and someone lock the door.” Then the trainee said “he is the weakest us and he doesn’t belong here Rancho Lancto. You normally don’t act like this bud.” Then Rancho said “You are not my bud, I never met you. Enough of this we need as much sleep as we can get and you’re keeping us up. You’re the one who is weakening us.” Giovanni went to go lock the door. Then the other trainee changed and went to bed. Giovanni already changed during the talk. Then Yuri said after everyone was in bed except Giovanni he said “Oh uh hey guys shut off the lights please.” Then Giovanni shut off the lights. Then he went to bed.

Then surely after 2 hours after that am alarm went off went off in the bunker for thirty seconds. During that time everyone hurried up and tried to get ready. They all mange to get ready. Then after the thirty seconds were over the A.I said “you have 0130 hours until the next training session begins. Be on time or earlier to your training squad regiment. Mess will close in 0045 hours. Clean clothes are the shower room for all new recruits. All new recruits this will only happen for today.” Then Josh said “oh shit.” everyone got their dirty clothes from yesterday and went to go put their clothes in the laundry room. They had it on quick wash and there was a lot of WASHING MACHINES AND DRYERS on the shower areas. It will take ten minutes for them to wash. Then with their clean clothes they went into the shower room and took off their clothes and began to wash. Luckily it is separated from females and males. There is no real privacy so they can see each other naked. Same thing with the females.

While they were taking a shower others joined in. Then in 30 seconds a trainee from anther training regimen asked “Hey Yuri why are you fighting for?” then Yuri responded “Why do you care?” then the trainee said “Hey I am a writer. Writer’s gota write right? Hey Saren why you here for?” then Saren replied “To kill scrubs like you, it really is too bad I can’t kill you though with everyone around. Can’t really get away with it.” Then the trainee said “Okay then… well who do you think will past the dueling part of the testing requirement.” Then Saren stared at him with a homicidal smile on his face “What an easy question. Me of course and most likely the duelists from the other earth or earth two in other words. The rest of you. I don’t know and don’t care.” Then the trainee said “Uh… okay then.” he look at Edward and ask “Hey eddy what are you here for.” then Edward said “It’s Edward and due to my situation this is the best option for me in my opinion. No one convince me because nobody actually did. I won’t care if someone did try to.” Then the future writer look at Tony and ask “Hey you the one that isn’t paying attention why are you here?” then Tony responded “To kill and fight for a living.” Then the future writer said “Well that's nice I guess.” Giovanni got done then the future writer asked him “Hey before you get dress and go what are you here for?” then Giovanni replied “To kill dark hand Soldiers just like everyone else. Basically the same thing as you already heard before you ask me.” Then he looks at him with a serious face“Let me ask you something. Are you so sure that you can survive this war?” then he said “Well yeah. Just fight and kill some guys after a while we win, celebrate and go home.” Then Giovanni responded “You make it sound easy to survive in a war when it isn’t so easy to survive a war. Yes we are supposedly super humans but that doesn’t make us indestructible. Any one of us can still die in this war. Just because we got this orb that does not make us invincible, if it did then the Protics wouldn't help the alliance make more soldiers like us.” then the future writing guy said “ Of course we are invincible we can never be destroyed.” Then everyone sighed. “Hear that everyone just sighed because of what you just said.” Then Saren looked at him with his patented ' you’re an idiot face' and said “We sighed because of you idiot. Everyone got what he was saying except you apparently.” Then Rancho said “You better shape up before it too late.” Giovanni put on his clothes and went go eat and drink at the mess hall after dealing with his Landry.

After a while later when Giovanni got some food and water and actually sat down. He first took a swig of his water. Then he put his water bottle down on the table. Then Edward and Saddie came and sit down next to him on the table he was sitting at. Then they both said “Good day.” at the same time. Then Giovanni responded “Yo.” Then Ben and Nathen sat near Giovanni they said “Hi all.” Then Saddie ask “Hey guys what are your spirit cards or power cards if you prefer. Mine is Windrose the elemental lord. My power is wind.” Then Edward said “Arcana force 0- fool is mine. That the first card I had and we have been through a lot. Of course now I have 3 of them. My power is power of the fool arcana.” then Ben said “Mine is black luster soldier envoy of the beginning. My power is Envoy.” Then Nathen said “Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech and the power of the ancients.” Then Giovanni said “Skill drain and the power of nullifying.” Then Edward said “Oh wow that's pretty good!” then Saddie asks“Skill drain I get is good but why you have to pay 1000 life points. In fact what deck do you use it in?” then Giovanni said after he ate some of his food. “Oh well if I tell you may think there something wrong with me.” Then Edward replied “Na, what's the deck?” then Giovanni whispered “Malefic drain.” Then Edward said “oh I see. If you pass then both sides will have a person using that deck.” Ben asked“does this guy goes by the name of paradox?” then Saddie responded with a “Yes he does. Good guess. Did you guys decide which regiment you guys are doing?” then Nathen said “We probably would if we had any idea what they were.” Then Edward said “Oh well just to make things quick I will explain in a basic summary. You have the forerunner regiment which is spec ops you will work alone or with another person or two. Mostly a team of 3. Next is the garrison Regiment which protects our territory from the enemy. Then there is the marauder regiment they are on the front line so to say pushing the dirty hands back and taking over their territory. The centurion regiment which has officers and is the fastest way to get up those ranks because you start out as a sergeant but the test for that is harder than the others. They can go into any other regiment if they so wish to like many do. The Military police is to watch over the army and try to stop anything like chaos and such happening form inside. Then a regiment that you have to earn the recommendations to join is the arch regiment. Arch genius Soilders are the elites. During the time in training we get to select what type of unit we are and our specialty. I am going to be Demolition man and a trooper is going to be my unit. We just have to cover basics first.” Then Saddie said “Sniper and I will be a tech girl hahaha.” Giovanni Ben and Nathen got done eating. Giovanni said “Well I am going to be anti- vehicle and try to handle explosives for specialty since I have to have one.” Then Edward said “then the only thing revolving around that for anti-vehicle units is an explosion expert who would be what I am going to be so yay.”

Nathen said “Trooper and mine would be Sabotage. When do we do this?” then Saddie responded “about in 2 months.” Then Ben said “Heavy weapon and recon if possible.” Then Saddie said “It is expect for all purpose combat you could be called APC not a trooper.” Then at another table were Yuri, Rancho, Tony, and Zack are sitting down eating. At Yuri ask “you heard that right?” then Zack said “Yep.”
After they talk were done talking about different type of units and specialties also when they got done eating they all went go get their dry clothes put it in their storage locker then went outside and waited to train. They did the same thing but ran for 8 more miles. Then in the morning they had some time to clean up their body and clean clothes then they ram 10 miles no metal pool then they eat and drink then they do the same that they do every day. Most of them thought of it as hell. This training is called 2 weeks of hell. Oh by the way the knife throwing stopped on day 3 and was replacing with combat sparring. Everyone won some and lost some sparring fights but no one had a grudge. Yes there was male vs female sparing and both sides won and lost the same amount. This is good for protics to see because if there was not any balance then that would mean they would have messed up. No one dominated anyone but there were days that people had a winning streak but next spring practice they lost in a sparring match. They only protection they had were mouth guard private guards and fighting gloves and no they're not any boxing gloves. During the second part of training during the day there was no body amour of any kind. They also sparred during martial arts practice and after week one they began to learn pressure points. After the 3rd day they sparred with other training groups. They were exhausted and tired plus hungry and thirsty a lot. Jt, Zack, Tony, Saren and Saddie were the best fighters of 2 weeks of Hell. They are the top five fighters.
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chapter 3 lasction training base Hindu
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