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The rebirth of EDA.
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 chapter 2 part 1 last section

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PostSubject: chapter 2 part 1 last section   Wed Sep 24, 2014 1:59 am

Tony said “The rules they have are the same rules that we have including the new rules just to let you know and I am aware of the anime rules and since you're the challenger I start first.” He draws his 5 cards. Then he said and the cards appear and the effects happen as followed as the duelist say them. “Now I active Upstart Goblin I get to draw a card and you get 1000 life points.” Jeromy is now at 5000 life points. “Now I summon Bujin Yamato. I now I active Fire formation –Tenki. Since I did I can add one level 4 or lower beast warrior monster to my hand. I will add Bujin Mikazuchi” he added it from his deck to his hand then he shuffled his deck. After that tony said “All of my beast warrior monsters gain 100 attack points. I set two cards face down and I go into my end phase and now I activate Bujin Yamato's effect, I can send one Bujin monster form my deck to my hand then I will send a Bujin monster form my deck to the grave. I will send Bujin crane to my hand and I will send Bujingi Hare to the graveyard.“ He does just that. “Now go.” Jeromy drew while saying "Now then I am going to active Cosmic Dragon Leyline. It doesn’t do anything yet but I set one card face down and then I summon out Bixi, Cosmic dragon of water in defense mode.” It appears face up on the field. As you know in the anime they have the right to summon monsters in face up defense mode. Just saying that for the others. I end my turn.”
Tony drew and said “My turn I draw. I summon Bujin Mikazuchi in attack mode. Now I overlay Bujin Yamato and Bujin Mikazuchi to exceed summon into Bujintel Susanowo.” It appears on the field” now I activate its special ability. By using one overlay I can target one Bujin monster form my deck and I can send it to the graveyard of hand. I send Bujingi Quilin to the graveyard. I will use it specail ability by banishing it I can destroy one face up monster on my opponent side of the field. I chose your Bixi.” Then Jeromy said “Bixi, Cosmic dragon of water special ability actives when it destroy by battle or by card effect and sent to the graveyard I can special summon one Cosmic dragon from my deck into defense position. I activate my face down card cosmic dragon Incarnation. When a cosmic dragon is destroyed by battle or by card effect I can special summon a comic dragon form my deck. With that I summon I summon Jiaotu darkness of the cosmic dragon in attack mode. Now I will use Bixi effect to special summon Suanni, cosmic dragon of fire. Since the effect was activated I can activate Suanni cosmic dragon of fire's effect. I can now Synchro summon using only cosmic dragon monsters. I Synchro summon Jiaotu darkness of the cosmic dragon and Suanni, Cosmic dragon of fire in order to Synchro into Psyhiconductor Behemoth and because of Suanni, Cosmic dragon of fire it gains 500 attack and defense points. Now it has 2900 attack points in attack mode. Now I attack Bujin Susanowo.” Then Tony replied “I active Bujin crane form my hand when one of my monsters attacks or is attacks it current attack points double that is a Bujin monster. Now it at 5000.” Jeromy lost 2100 life points now he is at 2900 life points. Then after damage calculations Jeromy said “After damage calculations I can banish this card and the card it battled with it will do that. Then tony said “I active Sword-manifesting War God. I can use one of its effects so that I can target one “Bujin” monster in my graveyard and I add that target to my hand. I add Bujin crane to my hand. I end my turn.”
Then Jeromy thought to himself “Okay I can attack him but he has one more set card he knows I can attack him. Well I have a way to attack him alright let see how this works.” Jeromy said “it my turn I draw.” He draws a card. “I active this spell card cosmic dragon comet trail. I target 3 cosmic dragon monsters in my grave I add then to my deck then I shuffle the deck.” He shuffled the deck. “Then I draw 2 cards from my deck.” He draws two cards. “Now I summon Chiwen, cosmic dragon of light in attack mode. Now I activate double summon I can perform another normal summon this turn. I summon Bian, cosmic dragon of earth in attack mode. I Tune Chiwen cosmic dragon of light and Bian cosmic dragon of earth in order to snyhcro summon Wave-motion Photon dragon. When it summoned I have to make it a level 1, 2 or 3. I will make it a level 3 but I can’t special summon unless It a synchro monster. Now I attack you with Wave-Motion Phomon dragon.” Tony got hit directly and he loses 1900 life points. He now has 2100 life points. “I end my turn tony.” Then tony said “I know that, I draw". He drew. “Alright guess what, I activate a spell card called Bujincarnation. if you control a monster and if I control no monsters I can target one Bujin in my graveyard and one that was banished. I can special summon both of them back but for the rest for the turn I cannot XYZ summon any monsters unless they are Beast, beast-warrior or winged beast monsters. I special summon Bujin Mikazuchi from my graveyard and Bujin Susanowo from my banished zone.” Then Jeromy said “Wait you have crane in your hand. That means that you’re going to go for game this turn.” Then tony said “Yep but you're forgetting something. I banish Bujingi Quilin form my graveyard by using it special ability, I can now target one monster you control that face up and destroy it. I also chain from my hand mystical space typhoon to destroy one card on the field and I choose cosmic dragon Incarnation.” Cosmic dragon incarnation got destroyed then Wave motion Photon dragon got destroyed. Tony said “I Attack your life points with Bujin Susanowo and I also activate Bujin cranes effect from my hand, because it's a Bujin and it is attacking, Susanowo's attack points get doubled. Fire formation Tenki boost his attacks points by 100 before I USED CRANE and its at 2500 attack points now it at 5000 attack points. It's over.” Jeromy got attacked by Bujin Susanowo and lost 5000 life points. Since Jeromy has lost all of his life points. Jeromy has lost the duel and Tony won, Jeromy got up and grunted a bit. Today Tony is two to zero now.
Jeromy said “Ah I lost. Dang it.” Then tony said after he put his cards back into his deck. “Well you did do better than I thought. You should have kept the two Yang zing or cosmic dragon as they call them over there. Would have made the duel go longer and possibly you may have won the duel. Yang Zings is a floater deck (Keeps summoning monster even after they are removed form he deck). You lost on Giovanni's 3rd turn didn’t you?” then Jeromy replied “Ya how did you know that?” Tony responded “I had a feeling. Okay then this is done and you guys have duel disk over there.” Everyone was watching the duel except for Giovanni. Then Ben said “Ya I was going to duel Jt with my Chaos dragon deck against his Reversal quiz deck.” Then Nathen said “I was going to duel against Josh with my Inzektor deck against his E hero deck, or Masked heroes I guess, and Giovanni is jogging and generally trying to get into shape and make up time. He will be back soon.” Then Chase said “Oh okay because I wanted to duel against his Vampire deck with my X-saber deck. If he is around. If not then I don’t know.” Then Tony said “Okay but can we check our gear and such.” Then Jt said “Ya sure after the duels.” Then Tony said “Okay.
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chapter 2 part 1 last section
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