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The rebirth of EDA.
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 Yugioh wars: Chapter 5 part one section one

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PostSubject: Yugioh wars: Chapter 5 part one section one   Sat Nov 29, 2014 1:45 am

It a short section and yep I ma back I was able to type it out on my tablet. Intro overlap.

During lunch time a drill sergeant shouted and got everyone attention. He shouted" All recruits listen up." Starting at 0100 hours will be specialty training that will last for 2 hours. You will be given slips on where to go and weapons training will start tomorrow. Everyday of the week you will wear standard gear. Not your specialized gear and weapons. Learning your specialized weapons will happen at Monday, that will take up your specialty training. Also you will learn how to maintain, control and learn more about your powers. Dueling will happen each week at 0200 hours to 2130 hours. That is all, carry on with your lunches." Then they all said" Sir yes sir".

Yuri said at his table " Well two weeks of hell is over it seems." Then Rachin said " Awwwwwwwww. I wanted to continue it like a boss." Tony said " I knew you were the only one who like it." Then Rachin said " I am the only one... Danm." Fista, Rachin's sister said" I told you so. Not my fault you didn't listen. Who the dumb dumb now?" Then Rachin respond " Aw why you so mean to me Sad?" Then Fista replied " Because I am a hard ass bitch. Tehe." Then someone new came to the table he said " Hi everyone my name is Daniel Morningstar age 23." Then Fista whispered to Tony because he was next to her. " He has multiple personality disorder. He's going to act nice to try and get what he wants from you in a greedy way. Gaia told me about him." Then Zack asked because he heard " I heard of her but how does she know?" Then Fista said " She is, and don't mention this, his Mother. She is thirteen years older than him. She was having her cousin well one of them look after him. Gaia went to go fight it was her lifelong goal she always wanted to even if that mention that she would die. She was doing it for him mostly but when the war began. Gaia was desperate to protect him. Somehow he followed her and joined her. Gaia is one of my best friends, well the only one. He can be cold hearted but that's because

Daniel said after eating some food and in cheerful voice. " So you are all duelist well that nice I am one to. I just realized you already knew that. Ah geez." Then Rachin said " That's alright." Then Daniel saw Gaia and she just got her food and sat down to the left of Gaia. Then Fista said " Oh ya Gaia is pissed off." Then Daniel ask in a kind of scared voice " Hi mom how are you?" Then Gaia said " I see you made friends with my Friends Fista that good. We all became friends during the sparing periods we had if they didn't tell you that." Then Fista said "No they did". Then Yuri said "Finally we get into combat trying with guns. Time for us to get taught what we were supposed to learn at last, I am tired. That was probably the purpose of us sleeping for two hours. For endurance." Then Daniel Said " it's not good to talk about that stuff you will get everyone in trouble for saying your opinion. Don't be stupid." Then Yuri said " So that your other split personality and no it fine when we aren't training." Then Daniel said "oh okay. Sorry about yesterday mom." Then Gaia said tersely " Don't call me that. Jt you have been oddly quiet you okay?" Then Jt said " oh I'm fine, it's just that it seems weird. I don't know about you but I haven't really gained new attacks or something like that. Is it because I am not that good with it?" Then Rachin said" Nah, don't think like that bro. Your great and you got the swagger just like the rest of us." Then Yuri said " they have a field up that keeps us from gaining any powers until next Monday when they turn off the fields in our training area. The moment it goes off then you will know and see your new abitlies. I was told that before I got over here.

Afterwards they went to train more and as told they practice with weapons but before they did that they had go under a bar wires while live machine gun fire was going on. It was suppose to get the fear out of them. It did well mostly, one male recruit got up because of his fear and he got killed despite Rachin and Josh's best efforts to prevent it. Zed was ticked off they did it again and again on different days. They learned the field work that they chose to do and Sadie changed her mind into combat medic. Daniel was repair, Gaia was cloak, Fista was tech, Jt was tactician, Josh was jumper ( jet pack) specialists which everyone got the basics for. Tony and Zack were crowd control ( deals with a lot of enemies). Jeremy is vehicle as well as Rachin. Chase and Saren also for cloak ( stealth specialists). Gaia went for medic.

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Yugioh wars: Chapter 5 part one section one
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