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The rebirth of EDA.
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 chapter 5 part 2 last section.

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PostSubject: chapter 5 part 2 last section.   Tue Jan 20, 2015 9:32 pm

At the dueling time for the first duels we will have two duels to show you how it easy it is to pass the first one. Here we go with Zack vs. the first guy and he is using Marco Dino rabbit. Everything happens word per word. Let go to them now. Zack is at his dueling zone with his deck. The Drill sergeant said “you will duel one opponent then if you win you go the next one etc. alright begin.” Then the Channeled guy 1 or C1 lets call him said “I go first. I summon dark blade in attack mode and I set one monster face down. I active tremendous fire you take 1000 life points of damage while I only take 500.” They brace them self’s as they both get hit by fire. C1 at 3500 life points and Zack at 3000 life points. “I end” Zack said “it my turn I draw I summon Rescue rabbit. I can banish this card to special summon two normal monster form my deck Sabersarus form my deck. I active mystical space typhoon form my hand to destroy your face down Card.” it gets destroyed. “I active my spell card Raigeki. It destroys all monsters you control.” They all get destroy by an organ like lighting. “Now both of my Sabersaurus directly.” Both ram into him knocking him back to he ground. He has - 100 life points left. Zack wins.”

Yuri is just got into his dueling position after that and he will duel soon he gets out his deck and gets ready to duel as his C1 enters the field the same thing was said as last time. C1 goes first. He says “You won’t get pass this. I set 3 cards face down I end my turn. I will also set a monster.” Then Yuri says “It my turn I discard one card form my hand that a Water monster to special summon swamp frog in attack mode. When it summed I can send a level 1 or 2 aqua type monster form my deck to the grave. I send Ronintoad to the graveyard. I active foolish burial it allows me to send one monster form my deck tot eh graveyard. I send a swamp frog. Now I active a graveyard effect by banish a one “frog” monster form my graveyard I can special summon Ronintoad form my graveyard. Now by overlaying swamp frog a Ronintoad I build the overlay network in order to exceed summon into Daigusto Phoenix. I now active it special ability by using one overlay unit I can target one WIND monster I control and it can attack twice during the battle phase. I will target it. I active the monarch stromforth. If I were to tribute summon a monster I can use one of your monster instead of trubiting one of mine.” His set monster is destroyed by a storm and out comes the monster” I tribute your monster in order to tribute summon Mobius the frost monarch. Now I active it effect. When it tribute summoned I can target up to two spell/tarps on the field and destroy them. I will chose your center card and the card on your right in your spell/trap zone.” They both get destroy and it was a mirror force and a call of the haunted. They get hit by an ice fist “Now I will attack you with Mobius the frost monarch.”He gets punch in the face by and ice punch he is now at 1600. “Daigusto Phoenix attacks him then attacks him again for the special ability you got.” It attack him 4 times with it claw and now he is at -2400 and now Yuri wins the duel. No he did not fall back.

Okay that done with now to challenger 2 which will be calls in short C2 vs. Fista. The C2 said “I active Polymerization I fuse Gyroid and steamroid in order to special Steam Gyroid in attack mode. I active Machine Assembly line. All machine monsters I control gain 200 attack points. That all It can do for now. I set one card face down and I end my turn.” Then Fista said “ Aww that cute. I draw. I active Divine wind of mist valley. It a field spell card” The picture of the card was below them. “ I Summon harpie Dancer in attack mode. I active it special ability I can target one WIND monster on my field and I get to return it to my hand then I normal summon one Wind monster form my hand. I will return itself and now since that happens Wind of the mist valley actives if a WIND monster is begging return I can special summon a WIND monster form my deck that is level 4 or lower. I will Special summon Harpy lady 3 and the monster I chose to normal summon will be harpie Channeller. I will summon them both in attack mode. I active Harpie channeller special ability I can discard one harpie monster form my hand to the graveyard. Then I get to special summon a Harpie monster form my deck to the field in defense position. I chose Harpie’s pet Dragon in attack mode. When a dragon monster is on the field it becomes a level 7. Now I will over the t two in order to build to Overlay network and now I exceed summon into Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack. Also as long as harpie lady 3 is out on the field all Wind monsters gain 300 attack points and defense points. I now active Mecha Phantom beast Dracossack specialty ability I can detach one overlay unit to special summon two Mecha phantom beast tokens out on the field. Now I active a spell card Quill Pen of Gulldos I can target 2 WIND monsters in my graveyard and one card on the field. I chose your monster. The 2 monsters in my graveyard get returned to my deck and the other monster to the hand. Now I will have my monster with 1600 attack and 2900 attack points attack you directly.” They attack him the machine shot a missile and then he got cut by a harpie. He got knock down. He has – 1300 life points so Fista wins.

Chanellenger 3 or C3 vs. Gaia. Everything will happen play by play. C3 goes first they are all in their duel positions. C3 says “It my turn now I will active shard of greed. During my draw by phases it gains agreed counter. I now normal summon Goblin attack force in attack mode. I set one card face down and I end my turn.” Then Gaia said “Really that it? I draw. Since I have no monsters on my side of the field I can special summon Junk forward form my hand and I will special summon him in attack mode. Now I normal summon Lonefire Blossom. I will active it special ability by tribute one plant- type monster which I will use itself I can special summon one plant type monster form my deck. I chose to special summon Dandylion. I active Miracle Fertilizer. Once per turn I can special summon one planet type monster from my graveyard. I will special summon my Lonefire blossom from my graveyard. I can’t normal summon or set for the rest of the turn. That okay thou. I overlay Dandylion and junk forward to create the overlay network in order to exceed summon into Meliaes Tree sprit. I active Lonefire special effect and I will tribute itself to special summon Tareia, Princess of Sakura in attack mode. I active Meliaes tree sprit specialty I can use one of it overlay unties in order to use not of it specialty abilities. I chose to active it second effect I can target on plant-type monster in my graveyard and special summon it in defense position. I will summon Lonefire blossom back. I will again use Blossom effect I will tribute one plant-type monster which I will tribute it and I will special summon anther Tareia, Princess of Sakura in attack mode.” Then C3 said “ Your deck is base around summoning her? You should change your stagey.” Then Gaia said “ No it not. I had others I could have summoned but I just want this duel to get over with. You will see if you can stop my attack. Tareia, Princess of Sakura of Cherry blossom if you prefer. Gains 100 attack for all plant type monsters I have on my field. Including it. So both is 3100 attack. Now the one on my left will attack your Goblin attack force.” Then C3 said “ I will win next turn because I active mirror force which destroys all attack position monsters. Looks like you made mistake in focusing your deck around that card.” Then mirror force appeared o the field but her monster just broke thought it and destroyed Goblin attack force. C3 got hit by a beam and now he is at 3200 life points. C3 ask“ What I don’t understand?” then Gaia replied “Tries, princess of Sakura has anther special ability other plant type monster I control on the field cannot be destroy by card effects. I have two of them out on the field so both of their effects would active causing a loop between the two effects preventing either one form begging destroyed and it continue so it goes on and on. Basically all of my plant monster now can’t be destroyed by card effects because of this loop. There was a reason why I brought two out so I can win in one turn. Now both of my monsters will attack you together.” Tareia attack by using her fans and Meliaes used cast wood to come under him and hit him which made him land on his butt. He as – 1600 life points. Gaia wins.

Duel 4 Rancho vs. challenger 4 or C4 for short. Everything will happen play by playC4 says “You know the rules I always get to go first. Recruit always goes second. I summon Ally of justice Quarantine in attack mode. As long as this card is on the field no one can special summon a LIGHT monster? I end my turn with a face down it your turn.” Rancho said “All right it my turn. I draw. I will first summon Mystic hero Knight Mage in attack mode and if it get succefuly summoned I can normal summon anther mystic hero in addition to my normal summon/set. Since it successful I will summon mystic hero magic swords man.” Then C4 said “I was waiting for that me active my trap card bottomless trap hole. Since your monster has more than 1500 attack points it gets banish when it summoned.” Then Rancho said “to bad it a waste my mystic hero knight mage has anther effect if I were to number summon anther mystic hero form it effect it is uninfected by trap cards.” Then C4 said “Oh no.” then Rancho said “Oh yes now since my mystic hero magic swordsman is summon I can add one level 4 or lower mystic warrior monster form my deck to my hand. I will add Mystic hero battle armor supa’lancer to my hand. I will now overlay mystic hero magic swords man and mystic hero knight mage in order to exceed summon into Mystic hero battle armor wing of the blade. Now then this monster has a unique ability that only mystic hero battle amour monsters have well maybe some more cards have this ability but still. I can equip it to myself.” Then C4 said “What then that means your that the one who won that contest last year and that the deck that you got.” Then Rancho said “Yep Now I equip mystic hero battle amour wing of the blade. To myself. Also all of it overlay units get sent to the graveyard now. “The monsters transform into a green like amour and he gets a wind like blade. “ I now active a spell card magic of the space wave. I can special summon one exceed monsters that has “Mystic hero” in it name. I summon anther mystic hero amour wing of the blade in attack mode. It effect is negated and I take 800 life points of damage.” He gets hits by beam but it does not faze him. He now has 3200 life points.“Guess what I can still equip it to myself. So here I go.” It equips to him and his blade got bigger and his amour looks thicker. “Now I will destroy your ally of justice quarantine. I have attack points and I am treated like a monster. My attack points equal to the monster that are equip to me. Both of my mystic hero armored wing o the blade has 2500 attack so I have 5000 attack points.” C4 said “Oh no.” Rancho jump into the air in a leaping matter and strike down the monster. Then a green beam hit C4 and made him fly back. C4 is now at 700 life points. Rancho returned back onto his duel side of the field. “Guess what? I active an effect from my hand. By discarding Mystic hero ultimate the time master form my hand tot eh graveyard all mystic monsters that are equip to me get sent to the graveyard.” His monster leaves him. Now you take damage equal to half of the total attack points that I had while I has my “Mystic hero” equip to me. I had 5000 attack points so you take 2500 life points of damage.” Mystic hero ultimate the time master came out and hit him with a giant clock and made his face hit the ground. He takes 2500 life points of damage and now he has -1800 life points.

It Daniel vs. challenger 5 the last of the trail duels. They are in their duel positions. Everything will happen play by play. C5 said “I already won you just don’t know it yet. I active polymerization by using two normal monster I can special summon first of the dragons in attack mode.” He fused two luster dragons in order to summon it out. “I can only have one of him on the field at a time. I unaffected by other monsters special ability. Also only a normal monster can destroy it by battle. Now I set one card face down and I end my turn.” Gaia was watching while waiting for a duel testing are. She thought “Alright let see how you do.” Daniel said “It my turn I draw. Since I have no monster and you do me can special summon Acedia, sloth of the Catastrophe I will put him in attack mode. C5 responded “ only 1900 attacks and it and effect monster what can you do with that? Doesn’t matter just in case I active a trap card attack and receive. Every time you deal life point damage to me you take 700 life points of damage.” Then Daniel said “ Won’t matter. I active a spell card forms my hand Quick retreat of the Catastrophe I can return one level 5 or higher monster that a catastrophe monster on my side of the field to my hand. Then I get to draw one card. After that I can return one card on the field to the hand and it doesn’t matter which one. I chose First of the dragons and I goes to the extra deck instead of the hand.” C5 said “ I will beat you next turn just you wait.”Then Daniel said “ there won’t be a next turn for you. Once per turn I can discard one Catastrophe card form my hand in order to special summon Casteil, hope of the Catastrophe in attack mode. “ It appears on the field.” The monster I discard was Acedia, sloth of the Catastrophe. When it gets sent to the graveyard by a Catastrophe card effect. It special ability active I can do one catastrophe spell/trap card form my deck to my hand. No need to reveal it cause I am actving it. I active the spell card beginning of the Catastrophe. If I control a “catastrophe” monster on the field I can add one “Catastrophe” monster card form my deck to my hand. Also I can send one “Catastrophe” monster form my deck to the graveyard.” He does just that. “ Now then by banishing one light and one dark “catastrophe monster form my graveyard. I can special summon Azazel, sinner of the Catastrophe in attack mode. Now Casteil, Hope of the Catastrophe attack his life points directly.” Casteil strikes him with his blue like blade. C5 took 1800 life points of damage now he has 2200 life points. C5 said “ now I active my trap card actives.” Then Daniel quickly said “ Now my monster effect actives. Once per turn while this card is on the field I can negate the activation of a trap card and destroy it.” Then C5 said “ No it illegal for you to win.” then Daniel responded “ What the hell is with you testers? Illegal for us to win ya right idiot. Why don’t you use your head? Now zeal, sinner of the Catastrophe attacks his life points.” Azazel cast a dark blue flame blast and it knocks his tester on the ground. The tester has taken 2600 life points of damage so now he is -400 life points. Daniel wins. Gaia thought after the duel “ Good boy.”

All 17 of our future solider won all 5 of their duels. Fista was with Rancho and Yuri and she says” What the fuck is wrong with those dam tester? So dam judgmental. One of them told me it was illegal for me to win. Like what the fuck!” then Rancho said “Really one of mine say the same thing. So what if he loses it not like he going to die or anything. He not the one going to fight. If it illegal for us to win then how do they get more genius troops out of boot camp and onto the field?” then Fista said “ I know right.” Giovanni came to them and Giovanni ask “Sorry to disturbed your guys talk if you are having one but Yuri why do you want ME to be on your team?” Then Yuri replied “ Na you’re good and I have my reasons.” Then Giovanni responded “ I am serious I am not joking around if I am going to join your team then I need to know why would pick someone like me?” Then Yuri said “ Well first yes I know you are a somewhat slow but that fine. Second you can nullify stuff. Third you creamed a lot of other duelist here. That skill drains thou. You don’t care if you have to pay that 1000 life points. Forth you have a freaking laser cannon and you do an alright job on the combat field in my eyes which is good enough for me. Fifth that Italian accent. Lastly I like you because your tend to be honest and a easy going guy.”

Then Fista said “ Also Italians are one of the few people I don’t really offended that much. How much Italian are you?” then Giovanni said “ both parents are Italian form an Italian family so I am pure Italian thou I don’t know how to speak the langue that much.” Then Rancho hugs Giovanni and said “ No homo sorry. You feel comfy.” Giovanni slowly hug him a little then push him back. Giovanni went to Yuri and whispered in his ear “ I don’t share this really that much but I have autism high functioning. I don’t have it really bad but it can affect me.” He step away from Yuri then Fista said “ Heard that and we know Yuri go permission to go look people profiles that he wanted for his team.” Rancho said “ You made it this far and I am sure that your autism did kick in but it shows that you can hang in there. If it does become a problem doesn’t worry about we will handle it when the time comes. It still up to you if you want to join us but keep that in mind that even if we are full we are still open to you. Just make sure you join us in gout time. If you deiced to join us.” Then Giovanni said” Okay thanks.” Then he left to go into his bunk.
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chapter 5 part 2 last section.
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