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The rebirth of EDA.
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  Yugioh wars: chapter 5 part 1 section 2

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PostSubject: Yugioh wars: chapter 5 part 1 section 2   Tue Dec 02, 2014 11:41 pm

Well I got more yes especially so it staying on. Woooooo.
When they day came to test out their powers the trainees well one quarter of them.  There were these blacks walls up in the training room.  A lot of hexagon like devices.  Ben thought " This may be those things the prevent  our power from increasing. What guards and they are heavy armed." He looks around and see heavy soldiers around the area. There were some who were unarmed but still heavily armoured.  Edward thought and yes he was their to " I would hate to get hit by one of those things. If I heard right from the military channel those guns can rip thou tanks. Heavy machine gun cannons are nice if they are not getting used against you." Seren thought " uh may I can't cause any problems ain't worth it with these many guys."  Then a drill sergeant said " All right little girly girls. Today you will start using your abilities today. When you are told to go to an area you do when you enter an area is until one of us or corporeal tell you to stop and leave the area. Listen to them at all time. If you dare to try to hurt or kill someone you will be beta new if you to hurt someone you will lock up in the "the box" if you try to kill we are kicking your ass out. If it nothing that bad we will let it go. Alright you guys can start now."   Then a corporeal said " Thank you drill sergeant. Now then line up in 6 rows. Don't us wait." Every hurried to get in line. It took 5 seconds. Then another corporeal said who was in front of them " outstanding kittens. I could hug you. Now then you see those color hexagons and the colored lines on the wall those are areas  you are not leave until one of us or a drill sergeant tells you to. Their a little test you got got to do if you fail you got one more chance to to do it. Go when I call your Dam row. First person in line only others will have to wait until called. After you are done go back In line. Alright kittens row one go red " the first went and each time time a row is called they will run to the area. " row two yellow, row 3 red, row 4 orange, row 5 grey, and row 6 brown area. Alright good kittens I don't  have to tell you to go. Alright now we we shall begin. Bring them in."

Then guards brought in prisoners and put them in each area then they gave a combat knife to the trainees  who were in the area with a cloth and a small box with water. Then Zed said " alright you see these guys all are murders they can't do anything at all. He is sealed up tight.  Take that knife and kill them. Try not to make a big. It alright if you do but we would like it if you do. As long as you kill your prison. These guys the government don't give one single Damn about and they don't.  Also we don't care how you kill them if you can't kill we will give you  another chance if you fail we mold ya a bit. If that doesn't work you will be put in the reserved force if if you pass the test and their you can learn how to kill."  A Towle was place down near the prisoner. " Okay deactivate the field in the areas." The hexagon devices went off and it was easy to tell as well. " All right  begin."  Ben was in red and and the prisoner  said to him him as he has a knife in hands.  " you don't have the shot to kill me let me guess you use use to use to be a fat lady ass before before they before they gave you that new body.  You and your family also your bucking union Trainees are lucky g useless."Then Ben said while  he  clutched his hands " you're going to die painfully." He got his knife and cut the prisoner eyes and he screamed.  Then he cut his ears off then nose then he puts his throat and killed him the prisoner was screaming the whole time while he was Alive. Then Ben glowed  blue for 5 seconds.  Ben thought  after that " So that how we can tell if we get more powerful.  All All of the information on on how on how to on how to use my new ability and attacks are in my head and I know how to use them."  Then Zed yield " that is is what will happen to you when when you get power up!"

More screaming came followed by more beach and they prisoners wanted to insult the trainees thus they did. Let just say a lot of blood was in the floor and on the wall. There were some organs on the floor. Some mentions are that Seren TOOK his time with his. Tony rip out his guy moth by first cutting his face to make it possible. Then he rip it off why because he keep saying " fuck you" and he had punk like face.  Edward kill his prisoner like a badass and some corporeals and drill sergeants went " Dammmm" at the same time. Fista sexualy kill hers becuase he was begin sexist to her. Giovanni  prisoner was saying "big ass", "big ass dumbass" and other things, Giovanni Giovanni had him and and cut him up then cut his thought and with the blood flow even while they removed the body body and body and he body and he went body and he went back body and he went back in the line. Said soccer kick her prisoner head off and some corporeals clap for that.one laugh.  After After they After they were all done and all pass.  The knives were arsenal cards and Sadie had the knife attach to her boot as well. The guns were for the prisoner if they tried to escape.

After that they had them spar and they put up a safe field so no one dies because they are allowed to use their power  in fighting. Also they put up a field which  allows normal damage from anything to hurt them. Also the blood is still their. Best 2 out of 3 as always. Who ever makes their opponent hit the ground  first  get a point.  They have no protective gear.Some fights will be mention. Edward vs Jeremy.  Also two fights were going at the same time cause of room and soldiers separated it. Jeremy step quickly to launch 3 jabs and cross puch to Edward then went for an  but Edward block it all. Edward fake punch Jeremy then he went in with 3 jabs  and crosses and they hit Jeremy as blood came out of him. Then Jeremy used star blaster and it hit Edward. The  Edward use copy attack and used the same attack on Jeremy and it hit him then Edward used  arcana Zio ( lightning) on him and made Jeremy hit the floor. Edward got one point. Round 2 Jeremy jump up High then used star dive and hit Edward down. Jeremy got one point last round Jeremy did the same thing he jumps up and used star dive but this time Edward used fool guard which block it and it has had a 30% percent chance of confusing the enemy if it was a contact attack. Which it went off and confused Jeremy.  Then Edward punch Jeremy then he made him kneel by kicking his lower knee then did a Axe kick to to make him go down. Edward got a point and he wins.

Yuri vs Daniel. Round 1 Daniel uses catastrophe charge increase his speed and strength by 25%. Yuri use fury charge he gained the same boost. They both throw punches but Yuri was faster and he got the punch in before Daniel did. Then Yuri did and upper on on da ineligible chin then he did a step side kick in him. Then Daniel went to punch Yuri in the liver but Yuri caught it then he did repeated kicks to his head. Daniel then duck then send a jar to his ribs but Yuri dodge then he did a jump front kick and kick Daniel in the head head and some blood went out of his moth moth and moth and his mouth and he went down. Next round. Their boost are still in effect. Daniel throw punches and he moved up close to Yuri and he went close to him on his left side. Yuri quickly did  hook kick and hit him in the back of the head. Then he quickly used one of his hands to punch him the face rapidly.  It knock Daniel back then Daniel did a low kick and Yuri caught it with his foot then did a butterfly kick to his face and knock him down. Daniel was bleeding a bit. Yuri won the fight.

Saddie vs Zack. The match began and it round one. Zack used prophecy of power level 1 he gain 30% in strength.  Then Saddie used  wind Chain mail and all of her defense got raised by 30%.  Zack went on a heavy assault with punches  Saddie block them then she sued wind gust ahead blew him away but he managed to prevent  from going on the ground.  Then she  went on an assault pushing his guts and some on his face then she round house kick him down to the ground. Round two Stat boost still in effect. Saddie went on full force kick but Zack dodge it then he proceed to rapidly punch her and and on and on the 8th punch then punch her kick her in the face then did a upper cut punch then did a punch punch to punch to the torso in the stomach and that makes makes her makes her fall makes her Fallon makes her fall on the ground.  She had blood coming out of her noise and some blood on her lips. Round three.  Zack did rapid punch on Saddie then Saddie was able able to quickly gather gather her gather herself gather herself and did a wind a windlass Zack brace himself but he did not respond in enough time to block or dodge Saddie jump kick kick to the face then she grab him then she  kick him the face with her leg elbow 5 times and and it and it was and it was a success. Then she uppercut him in in the in the face 3 times. He tackle her but Saddie prevent him  taking her down on the ground and did and elbow strike on on his back and made him fall fall down then before his his face hit the floor she did a 3 forward kicks then Then a jump jump kick jump kick to jump kick to his face then he went down. His face was bloody Nad and he and he did and he did not and he did not hold at  all. Saddie wins  so Saddie  wins the match. Saren thought " if we we are we are going we are going to an hand to feet combat then she is going to be harder to beat than Zack. " That is how sparing going  to be from going to be for now on.

Last edited by Bladecharge on Tue Dec 02, 2014 11:48 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : forgot to add 3 things)
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BLS Twilight
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PostSubject: Re: Yugioh wars: chapter 5 part 1 section 2   Mon Dec 15, 2014 12:47 pm

Aww,I lost,btw yeah I'm BACK BABY!!
Glad to see that I'm in the story,I'm posting my story on Shura duel academy(SDA) cause EDA doesn't really have much traffic Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Yugioh wars: chapter 5 part 1 section 2   Mon Dec 15, 2014 11:45 pm

By the way since I got my laptop back I can now proceed to section 3 last part of chapter one so it will be done as soon as I can get it done.
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PostSubject: Re: Yugioh wars: chapter 5 part 1 section 2   

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Yugioh wars: chapter 5 part 1 section 2
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