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The rebirth of EDA.
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 Yugioh wars: chapter 5 part 2 section 1

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PostSubject: Yugioh wars: chapter 5 part 2 section 1   Sat Dec 20, 2014 5:01 am

This is the last part of this chapter then we actaully get to the war so hold your horses if you really want to see also jechrico don't worry about the battle.

The day before the final test start and at 2000 hours our future soldiers training came to a halt. Zed had them all in a straight horizontal line and all of them had their hands behind their backs. He went into the middle and said “Alight everyone the yearly final test is tomorrow. This final yearly test will not remove you from training. If you fail even one of those you will not pass but the final yearly test are two days long. After the final test of the second day is over. Everyone will be in their bunk area and a drill sergeant will come and get the ones that pass. For those of you who want to join the Centurion regiment stay here with me. The rest of you are dismissed and you get the rest of the day off. Report tomorrow at 10 am at the stage they are going to set up. Everyone is at ease and dismissed." Then everyone else said “Sir Yes sir and thank you sir.” They all jogged to the bunks because when you go to a location and if you are in the training field you run at all times. Jogging is allowed as well. They all went back into the bunk area. When everyone was in the bunk someone said “Finally after 9 months we get to sleep in or at least gets a good night rest.” Giovanni flop onto his bed. Tony said “I feel ya Giovanni.” If you want to know who is in Giovanni bunk back down. It everyone expect Gaia, Fista, Saren and Daniel. The rest in the bed bunk area is the other recruits.

Josh lifted up Giovanni arm and then he left go and it went down. Josh said “He's out.” Then JT said “Let him sleep.” Zed came and opened the door then Giovanni quickly woke up and ask “Uh sir are we under attack sir?” then Zed said “Thankfully not.” He holds up a picture of a guy “Has any of you seen this guy before? He been messing up the equip and trying to sabotage things for tomorrow.” everyone except Giovanni said “Sir no sir” Giovanni then responded “Sir I saw last week during the dueling period. He was near a supply shelter. The one where you have us pick up those 5 ton metal support beams at. It looks like he was trading cards with someone else. I don’t know exactly why though sir.” Then Zed said “Thanks for the info and good night everyone.” Everyone said “Sir Goodnight sir.” Then Zed left. Then someone said “Snitches get stitches.” Then Giovanni said “I don’t give a single flying damm! I don’t want to fail because of what some jackass did. I actually give a damn if someone sabotages tomorrow final tests because that could screw me up. Unlike some other people around here.” He did not say anything. Then Rancho said “Ya that what I thought.” Giovanni properly flopped onto his bed and went to sleep. He was out by the way. Rancho did the same thing as well as Tony and Zack. Some changed into different clothes and then went to bed.

The next day everyone woke up around 7 am they got their dirty clothes and put them for wash then they went to go take a bath, after that they put their washed clothes in the dryer then they got to eat lunch. By then they took the clothes out then put them in their room and get ready with yesterday's wash clothes. No one said anything. Well when the time came all of the recruits went to the stage where they were told to go. It was basically a steel small platform with a mic stand. Then a high ranking office took the stand and everyone watch. “For those of you who don’t know me I am Major Kyle Kavas. I run things here. Out of 800 of you only 720 of you remain. The other 80 were failures of Genius program. You 720 have made this far congrats for you. Today is the year final test we have. Due to the request of general Pegasus the 8th He wishes to see all of those who pass fight against each other in two teams. To see how well the ones who pass will do in the warzone. This will happen  tomorrow. He will come down here tomorrow. Here is how the test will go everyone as you are to undergo a physical test to see if you will have the strength and endurance needed to pass. Then you will be sparring against other people it does not matter if you win or lose all that matters on how you do. Then it Dueling test you will duel 5 rounds if you loose on ether one of them you fail. That it knows go past this stand and get in line for the lineup for the physical test there is a couple of sections it does not matter which one you do first as long as you do one. If you fail get your ass up and go to the others if you do well on two then there a chance that you can pass. After that go to the main training hall indoor and spar with whoever they set up with. Same rules as always. I want to go see my seen some of the dam best fights for my boys and tell them I have seen some bamm good fights. Second part will start at 1500 hours that is the combat test whenever you re done with that and if you pass go straight to dueling. If you fail get your ass back into your bunk or if you want to cry then get the hell out of here. Alright you’re all Dismiss and get your ass moving.” Then everyone said “Sir.” Then everyone started to run to the station where they go for their test. While the take the small platform away and the guy left.

At the physical lift area there was the M5 Castor tank it the main battle tank. Their full crew of fake dummies that actually have average human weight to them in their and it fully load with no lethal ammo and missiles. Each time a recruit steps ups a drill sergeant says “Lift the tank over or lift it up. If you have to toss it then do it. It has to be raised off the ground. When I say start you start take your time. Just be aware of the time zones. When I say stop you stop. Don’t be stupid. Okay start.” Well let look at Jeremy. He was told to start by grabbing the gears then he lift it up bit by bit he grunted while doing this. After he got an opening to lift it under neath he went for it. Then she slowly lifts up the whole tank up into the air he grunted so loudly then he slowly put it down carefully. That was succeful. The drill sergeant said “Alright I got you done proceed to the next area. NEXT.”

Next area is the pain area. In this area there is an Electric chair. There are medics nearby. There were some at the tank place as well. Giovanni was up next. He was saying in his head “Okay Giovanni you can do this... no you can’t. Yes you can. You have been through hell you only have to do this once you can do it.” He sat down on the chair then restrictions got put on his legs and arms also hands. Then the drill sergeant said “This will hurt and if you need to scream. It natural alright if you want it to stop let us know. On okay 1...” it starts up on the second of the 3 seconds. Giovanni was feeling it and he does not like the feel. When it really began to hurt he grunted “Oww damn.” Then he began to hurt when it really started to hurt he thought to him “It hurts so freaking bad I got to hold… on…for…as long...as I can. Owwwwwww. Fuck it all.” He screamed on and on. He endures for 16 seconds. Then he quickly shouted “stop.” Then the electrically was becoming weaker at a rapid pace and in 3 seconds it went away. Then medics went to check on him, they used a electric savo which helps people who have been electrified. Let’s just say all of the pain he could take would have killed him and he went pass far more than enough volts that would take to kill a full grown man. If he was there for 20 seconds he could have died. Also another medic used an arsenal card heal gun on him. Then after that medic was done he said “he's good.” They let him free the drill sergeant said “Alright go to the next area.”
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Yugioh wars: chapter 5 part 2 section 1
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